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Brief about MBTI

The MBTI assessment has gained credence in last few years owing to its success results. This test has been helping individuals in knowing about their strengths, they can know about their potential as well as about their preferred working styles. Hence this tool plays a vital role in helping an individual understand his/her personality type, which can ensure his/her personal and professional growth.

Basically, the ultimate aim and objective of this test is to provide self-awareness as well as clarity of the goal. The MBTI assessment is useful in creating a better understanding as well as appreciation between team members and colleagues, which can enable them to work in a better way together. Overall, we can say that MBTI test helps one to know more about his personality.

How it works

You will be surprised to know that 89 of Fortune 100 companies have been using the MBTI assessment which has been helping individuals and teams to enhance their effectiveness in their career modules.  The results of this assessment are quite surprising as they are maximizing confidence of individual and team right from their from entry to executive levels. This test has been researched for over 50 years and is used by millions of professionals each year. The results of the MBTI assessment are quite effective. In case you are using the authentic version of the MBTI assessment, it makes sure that you are providing the personality measurement following the world standard.

Benefit or advantage of MBTI

MBTI has proved to be significant in different areas such as in improving the teams, in developing leaders, in resolving conflict, in exploring career guidance and in strengthening communication. The MBTI was constructed for normal populations, the MBTI test clearly emphasizes on the naturally occurring differences and its values.

Why you should do it 

MBTI works on a theory that we all have specific preferences depending on which we construe our experiences, and it is these preferences, which underlie our interests, needs, values, as well as motivation. Hence it helps in exploring ourselves to come out as a better team player, better leader to ensure we do the best in whatever way we can.

How Klever Klues can help

Klever Klues helps you with MBTI which further explores the real you. It helps you to find out if you are an Analyst with personality of an architect that is imaginative and strategic thinkers or a logician with a nature of innovative inventors who has an unquenchable thirst for knowledge.

It also helps you to know if you have a commander personality of being bold and strong-willed leaders or of a debater, which comprise smart and curious thinkers who fail to resist an intellectual challenge.

It also helps you to find out if you are a debater with a personality of an advocate who remains quiet and mystical or of a mediator, of a protagonist who make charismatic and inspiring leaders, or of a campaigner who is enthusiastic and creative.

Further, you can be a sentinel with a personality of a logistic who is practical and fact-minded, a defender who is dedicated and warm protector, an executive who forms an excellent administrator or a consul with extraordinarily caring nature.

It can also help you to make out if you are an explorer with a personality of a virtuoso who is bold and practical experimenter, of an adventurer who comprises flexible and charming artists, of an entrepreneur who loves living on edge being smart and energetic or of an entertainer who is spontaneous, energetic and enthusiastic.

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