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Group Counseling

Group Counseling

Group counseling is a type of therapy in which a group of people having the similar issues meet and share their experiences. The group counseling sessions provide a supportive environment to the students to discuss their problems and listen to others’ problems.

The sessions are held on a weekly or quarterly basis. The sessions are conducted by expert group counselors who manage the whole group of 5-10 students and arrange activities so that the students enjoy the sessions and feel comfortable. The counselor makes sure that each member of the group takes part in the sessions actively. The feedback of each member of the group is given proper value and all the students are allowed to speak up their mind without any fear.

The group counseling sessions are held with a condition that no member of the group will disclose the conversation with anyone outside. What happens in the group should remain in the session only! This ensures all the members of the groups that no one would make fun of them in the outside world. There is no judging in the group counseling sessions.

Why group counseling is required for today’s world

Group counseling focuses on various issues of different people having different ways of living lives. Each individual may face the different or similar issue and all the issues are discussed during the sessions.

Have a look at why group counseling is required for today’s world-

  • It has been seen that a lot of people in India are the victims of anxiety and depression. Out of those people, most women, especially from the rural areas, face anxiety issues. In urban India, women work day and night both at home and in their offices and this stress sometimes make them go into depression.
  • Most people face issues in their existing relationships which make them stressed. The cases of divorce are increasing day by day. Having faced divorce is not an easy condition for any of the partner. It may result in sleepless nights and stressful days. This condition is faced by most people in the world nowadays.
  • Binge eating is becoming another major issue of concern amongst teenagers and young adults. People start to eat more and fast when they are stressed. It has been researched that binge eating is a habit found in most teenagers and young adults around the world. This habit is imposing many health issues amongst them.
  • Stress can lead to traumatic experiences in the lives people. People have started taking major steps in their lives which includes self-hurting and suicides. The cases of suicides are increasing day by day in India. Most women take this step when they are sexually abused and are unable to talk about it to anyone. Teenager suicide has also become another major issue of concern nowadays in the country like India.
  • According to the WHO reports, most people have been found suffering from the issues of anxiety in India. This happens majorly because people hide their inner feelings and suppress themselves in their minds. They don’t speak up their mind and the negative thoughts start developing and make them anxious.

Benefits or advantages of group counseling

There are a lot of benefits of group counseling which are still ignored by most people in the fear of judgment.

Have a look at the benefits or advantages of group counseling-

  • Group counseling provides support to the members of the session. When people hear the similar issues from others, they feel that they are not alone. Most people feel a sense of relief when they see other people going through the same condition as them.
  • A group of similar people can prove to be beneficial for each other. When you get a wider range of perspective, you start to change your own mind. This way, you become more flexible and accepting of the situations of life.
  • Groups encourage the students. Hearing from other students about how they overcame their fear or how they benefited from the session encourages you in a greater manner. You become more confident and independent.
  • Each person in the group has a different way of living a life and has different issues as well. You get to learn a lot when you get counseled in groups. You learn from the counselor as well as from the other members of the groups.
  • The counselor conducts many activities in groups to make each member of the group comfortable in the group. The talking session and the help of the counselor play a major role in the improvement process.

The above facts clearly state that there is a need for group counseling sessions where the students can open up to the world without any fear and become capable to fight all the unusual behavioral disorders. Group counseling plays a major role in providing mental peace to the students.

Group counseling makes you more confident and independent. You get to learn a lot when you get counseled in a group of 5-10 people. The above mentioned are some of the benefits of group counseling which one should not neglect.

Why choose us-

KleverKlues is a company which offers the best counseling sessions to improve the personality of every individual.

Have a look at the reasons why you should choose us over others-

  • We are amongst the best companies in this business niche
  • Our group counseling sessions focus on the improvement of the whole group as well as the single person of the group
  • We have hired professional group counselors from all over the world to conduct and manage the group counseling sessions
  • We take only 5-10 members in our groups so that each individual can get proper attention
  • We value your feedback and conduct the next sessions after taking feedback after every session
  • We conduct the group counseling sessions for all age groups at the best rates
  • We conduct MBTI assessment test so that the students can access their own performance

Join our group counseling sessions and reap the benefits.

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