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Calligraphy Klues

Get Enrolled For Calligraphy To Improve Your Handwriting

The direct dictionary definition of calligraphy is ‘penmanship or handwriting’, or just ‘beautiful writing’. The word has its origin in the Greek language. ‘Kalli’ means elegant or beautiful and ‘graphia’ is the Greek word for writing or printing. Hence, it is the visual art of writing technique. A more modern translation of calligraphy goes like this: ‘the art of presenting a form to signs in an artistic, peaceful and skillful way’.


The art of calligraphy originated in many parts of the globe in diverse times, with various techniques and instruments used. These can be classified as:

Western Calligraphy:- Western Calligraphy has emerged from the 10th century and still remains to do so. The most recognizable use of the Western Calligraphy is in the Latin text which made its arrival around 600 BC. There was diversity in the style of chirographic with the coming to power of a new house. The tools and other instruments used involve a round-nipped pen or flat-balled, brush, ink (water-based), high-quality parchment sheet or paper, light boxes, a knife for removing work and templates. Western Calligraphy obeys strict rules and geometric patterns. One of the most notable examples is The Holy Bible.

Eastern Asian Calligraphy:- This embraces the calligraphy techniques of Asian countries like China, Korea, and Japan. Similar to the case of Western Calligraphy, each line of China has its own tales and history of calligraphy techniques. The Jiaguwen styles grew popular through the Shang Dynasty. In Imperial China, the Clerical or the Lishu technique, which has connections with the modern text, owes its birth to Kaishu and Qin Shi Huangdi or old regular writing is assigned to Wang Xizhi. The modern print and publication style has appeared from the Song Dynasty’s print and publication press. The tools they used are the ink brushes to write Chinese characters, paper, Chinese ink, and inkstone and these four tools are known as the Four Friends of the Study in Korea. The calligraphic artist also uses four tools desk pads and paperweights for their work.

Southern Asian Calligraphy:- This refers to Indian, Nepalese and Tibetan calligraphic artists. From the perspective of Nepalese Calligraphy, the Ranjana chirographic is the main. It has had a great impact on Vajrayana and Mahayana Buddhism and therefore it has been used for various Buddhist texts. Tibetan Calligraphy has grown from the Indic scripts. It is extensively used for all religious and temporal purposes and can be noticed used in a lot of areas starting from their prayer wheels to the notes of Dalai Lama. Indian Calligraphy originates from the King Asoka’s period when writings were engraved on stone. There were two principal types of Calligraphic writing techniques in India- the Brahmi and the Kharosti. More natural tools like smoke treated palm leaves, burnt clay, copper, and birch bark were all used during the history of Antiquated India for the purposes of calligraphic scripting.

Why Should You Give A Thumb up To Calligraphy

Calligraphy techniques are also used in the present day for appending artistic touches to logo designs, book designs, signs, etc. Old calligraphy has great aiding in the construction of the modern day writing style and you can also choose it as a career option and to enhance your calligraphic technique we know the best way.

Why Should You Choose Us

  • Recognised as a popular and trusted brand
  • Healthy environment
  • Helpful experts to guide you
  • Reasonable fee

So, what are you waiting for? We are the best in the field of calligraphy and choose us for the best results.


Vaidik Maths To Become An Expert In Calculation Without Taking Too Much Time

If Math has become the toughest subject to go along with for your kid? If the answer is in affirmative, then you do not have a need to contemplate a lot as we are going to introduce you a solution called Vaidik Maths. These days, it is high in demand among the people, who wish to sharp their math using an ideal formula.

A Bit About Vaidik Maths –

The term Vaidik Maths belongs to the ancient system of Indian Mathematics discovered from the Vedas. As per the study, Vaidik Maths revolves around sixteen sutras and word-formulae. Using this formula prepares your brain in a unique manner to do the calculation within the stipulated time without getting confused. As per Vaidik Maths anyone can solve difficult equation without taking too much time. And the great thing is that one trained in Vaidik Maths can do it on his own without taking help of pen or paper. It means, calculation will be done inside the brain.

It is a kind of super fast way of calculations and quite popular among the people who wish to improve their calculation capabilities. It is Vaidik Maths that makes possible even the toughest calculation of 3 digits like 998×997.  It is pretty much beneficial for the college and school students both who eager to carve out their career in calculation oriented field. Apart from it, Vaidik Maths is also helpful if you wish to crack any type of competitive exams comes with some basic mathematics.

Advantages Of Vedic Math –

Here, we are going to cite some of the best benefits in a discreet manner. Let’s check it out.

  • It is quite powerful to eradicate the Math-phobia which is responsible to diminish the interest from kids’ heart and brain.
  • Vedic Math has been designed in way so it lifts up the speed and accuracy both in Math.
  • It prepares the mind to go for solving the question in systematic, unified faster and simplified manner.
  • It leads towards immense satisfaction. To put in other words, it makes the kid to get showered with confidence.
  • Since it prepares your mind in a great way and you take less time to solve question, it is helpful to save precious time in competitive exams.
  • It boosts up the confidence of kids and makes them able to get in the competition.
  • This exercise revives both the left and right side of the brain.
  • Vaidik Maths is a kind of powerful tool to infuse great visualization and concentration ability in the one.

Why Should You Choose Us

This new age Vaidik Maths has been meticulously designed by our in-house team and dedicated to serve the best. This new age course helps the kids and beginner to go along with the basic skills and numeracy. Being at reputed brand, we are responsible for scrutinizing, monitoring and evaluating the performance of the student.

So, what are you waiting for? If you have any sorts of confusion then you need to head to our experts to take their guidance.


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Showcase Your Talent By Learning Rubik Solving Method/Puzzling science

Do you wish to get counted in the list of the genius having a sharp mind to solve Rubik? If yes!!! Then, you need to say YES to this course especially has been designed for the Rubik lovers. This new course has been designed keeping the needs and requirements of the people having great interest in learning the new ways to solve the Rubik.

A Bit About Rubik Solving Method

If you think a number of times that how some people solve Rubik very quickly without taking a lot of help or getting stuck then you need to think once again. Actually, they are not born genius but following a kind of way that makes easy to solve the Rubik. There is a science behind solving this puzzle. It does not matter whether you are a beginner or experienced, getting enrolled for this course will help both of you.

What About The Rubik Solving Method/Puzzling Science

This course has been designed keeping the new age people in the mind who are curious to learn the techniques. Our experts will guide you in a proper way without making you put in any sorts of confusion. We have been serving in this field for a long time and that is why understanding all sorts of clients’ needs and requirements in a great manner. It does not matter what about your age group, whether you are a kid or adult, we train you in a great manner.

Why Should You Choose Us

The one is always considered intelligent who holds the ability of solving Rubik. There are many people who are crazy to get expert in solving Rubik. If you are one of them, then you must go ahead. Here, some of the most important reasons are being cleared indicating why you should choose us.

  • We have a team of experts loaded with immense experience to guide you in a proper way.
  • They understand your needs and requirements with the patients; you get opened with them easily.
  • You may ask everything regarding the Rubik and many times until you get to understand that point.
  • The experts hold pleasing behavior and guide you in a proper way. They listen you patiently and understand the value of maintaining the cordial relationship with you.
  • We are committed to serve you the healthy environment where people come to learn.
  • Here, experts motivate and encourage you to go in the depth and learn the things in a proper way.

This course has been categorized into different categories. Experts will clear every point step by step. If you find any kind of confusion at any step, you may go ahead to clear them. So, what are you waiting for? You need to go ahead to schedule an appointment to get experts in this game. It is time to showcase the world that what actually you are and how talented you are. If you have still any kind of confusion then you may make calls or drop a mail. We will get back to you within no time.


A Bit About Quantum Speed Reading

QSR is an abbreviation stands for Quantum Speed Reading responsible for serving a kind of education that brings world’s children on the same platform. It’s a kind of language considered an under stable to all. It is required to mention that it makes everything get connected.  QSR indicates towards right-brain ability.

Quantum Speed Reading To Make You Loaded With A Variety Of Qualities

It is a kind of new age technique for reading books without looking at the pages. It may sound a bit bizarre but it is true. The new age science has made it possible. Though, this technique has been developed in Japan but it has gotten popular all around the world and being appreciated on a large scale.

Advantages  Of Quantum Speed Reading

Here, we are going to mention some of the best benefits that will help you to know more about it.

  • The learning speed gets improved.
  • It has been designed in a way so it plays a major role to improve the memory.
  • The concentration power gets increased.
  • The imaging power also gets boosted up.
  • It makes the one to get oozed with the feeling of stability.
  • Saying would not be wrong that it works as life changing tool.
  • It makes the kid to go along with the increased reading speed.
  • Not only this, but it also helps to build up the grasping power.
  • Whether it is concentration, confidence or intuition power, it works on all of them to increase.

Why Should You Get Enrolled For It

Though the above mentioned benefits are enough to explore that why should on get enrolled for this. But the prominent point is that it works a life changing tool. Actually, it showers a number of advantages on the learner and prepares him/her for facing the world without taking any other kind of support.

Here, we are available to serve you the best service without charging a lot. It means if you are tight on budget then you may choose us as we do put a burden on your pocket. It is served by the experts having great experience in this field. They are dedicated to satisfy you.

Why Should You Choose US

We are widely known as a renowned brand dedicated to serve best workshops, classes and activities for child, teenagers and adults for developing the brain. We are focusing over maximum number of people to improve their brain capacity and make them able to grab their own dreams. We have a great motto to create a healthy and intellectual society. There is a team of well-experienced and dedicate team to contribute in this field.

At this platform, we have developed a myriad of program to improve the capabilities of your brain. QSR revolves around a number of activities right from breasting, near and Far focus, up and down eye movement, visualization, image and eye training. So what are you waiting for? You must get enrolled as soon as possible.


It Is Time To Revive The Extra Sensory Perception

Have you ever contemplated that you can gain an ability to obtain information without taking help of your five senses? If not then, it is time to think again. Yes!!! It occurs using Extra Sensory Perception. Let’s know more about it in a discreet manner.

A Simple Introduction About Extra Sensory Perception

Extra Sensory Perception is a kind of course or you can say a too that holds reception of information which is received cause of sense with the mind. It means that cannot be recognized using physical senses but with the mind only.

It is required to mention that it is a new age level of Midbrain Activation that increases the ability of sense of the mind through its brain. It is required to mention that it is the best solution for people of all ages but it is quite helpful for the kids overall improvement. In short, it can be said that it is a great amalgamation of Gym, Music, relaxation eye moments and mediation.

There are many people who think all human hold some kind of special degree of extrasensory perception to assume the things in a great manner. Do you think that if they have blessed with some kind of magical power? No, there is nothing like this. Actually, they have got controlled over their mind and using in a different way to lift up their life style.

Advantage Of The Extra Sensory Perception-

Here, some of the best benefits have been mentioned for your perusal. They are enough to convince to get enrolled for this course as it has been changed the life of many people.

  • As per study, it holds the power to transform your life completely as you expected. It makes you get loaded with the required confidence and talent.
  • There are many people who have already taken Extra Sensory Perception and quite satisfied with its results. As per them, this course helped them to improve their life and taken it to the next level.
  • It encourages the individual to lead towards a more successful life.
  • It plays a major role to take the right decision with the clarity of the mind.

There are many types of extrasensory perception. If it talks about the most prominent the name of telepathy, clairvoyance, precognition, retro-cognition, psychometric, medium ship comes in the mind first. These different types belong to different power and benefits.

Why Should You Choose Us

Being a distinguished brand, we are providing comprehensive solutions to individuals from all walks of life, parents, students and educational institutes as well. We are here for keeping a close eye over your counseling, personality development, behavioral, guidance to all age groups.

It means you do not have need to think a lot that what about your age group as we are serving to all in a discreet manner. We are a kind of well-experienced team with unflagging commitment to create healthy and intellectual society. If you wish to get showered with these advantages then you may go ahead to get enrolled for this course to increase your ability.


Let’s Improve Your Memory With Photographic Memory

Do you wish to make your memory a bit sharper and stronger? If yes!!! Then you have landed at the right platform. Here, we are going to share more about our new age service called Photographic Memory.

What Is All About Photographic Memory

It has been designed in a way so it revolves around a devised program taking help of visual-spatial techniques. It is quite powerful to improve the grasping power, recognition, retentions, retrieval and concentration. Saying would not be wrong that it portrays a crucial role to improve all these things in a great way. Not only this, but it is also powerful to reduce stress, anxiety and performance.

Advantages Of Photographic Memory-

Photographic Memory is a kind of term responsible to indicate towards a person or child’s memory power. To put in simple words, how much time he/she takes to recall information without forgetting its details. Here, we are going to share some of the benefits in a discreet manner.

  • It portrays a major role to improve the memory power improvement. It means it boosts up the memory power in an excellent way.
  • Doing photographic memory course also brings a great change to your intellectual competence. It lifts up its ration in an effective manner.
  • As per study, fixation improvement is also done by it. It means if you want to enhance it, you must go for doing it.
  • This course has been designed in a way so it plays a crucial role to build up the great grasping power.
  • It is considered the best to improve the academic perform as well.

Why Should You Choose It

This course is being served by us at the reasonable prices. It has been designed in a way so you find yourself able to do various types of tasks without getting stuck with it. Kids who took this class have got great grab over numbers, alphabets and the pictures. This course is very helpful to improve the various things and made your brain a bit sharper.

We are in this field from a long time and hold a wide array of satisfied customers. It means we are doing great in this field. We never leave any stone unturned to serve you the best. There is a team of experts having wide knowledge in this field and committed to make you satisfy at any rate. Actually, photographic memory is widely known for indicating towards the capacity of reviewing picture, words and names along with great accuracy. In short, it can be said it is all about the mental strength of your brain. It prepares your mind to tackle various things without getting puzzled.

So, what are you waiting for? You must get your child enroll for this program. If there is any kind of confusion or dilemma then you must go ahead to explore our official webportal. Apart from it, you may make us call or drop a mail. Our team will get back to you within no time.

Emotional Freedom

It does not matter about which relationship you are quite conscious; every relationship wants some space having emotional freedom. There was a time when relationships were not considered quite tough to pamper. With the changing of time, it has become necessary to pay extra attention over relationship especially closed to the heart. Whether you are quite caring about your Gf, Bf, Spouse, friend, Siblings or Parents, every relationship needs emotional freedom.

A Bit About Emotional freedom

When it comes about pampering the valuable relationship, the value of Emotional freedom cannot be ignored at any rate. It is a kind of freedom that is considered essential to give in order to make the relationship breathable and build up a strong bond.

How It Affects Various Relationship 

Whether you are a parent or spouse, the people whom you love also need their space. It does not matter how closed you are, they also need their own space. When that particular aura or space get disturbed by you asking too many question, disturbing, caring or pampering too much, it starts getting broken. The one who love you will start making distance from you. When you both do not understand each other, the situation become worse.

  • Being a wife or husband, you spouse want you to have trust on them. If you showcase trust on them, they will never mind to share with you. Not only this, they will never try to hide anything from you.
  • Being a parent, you need to be a bit careful as your kids are younger to you and intellectuality can be expected only from you. Since you are parent, that does not means you have right to ask too many questions. Asking is good but it should be in a healthy way otherwise it may lead to distance or gaps between both of you.

How We Help You 

Though, you have got enough about emotional freedom but how to use this term that is also required to know. To put in simple words, you need to be a bit careful means if you give a lot emotional freedom then it may lead to unpleasant experience.  In this connection, you need to know how to balance it in order to churn out the best results.

  • Here, our experts guide you after listening you that you can tackle the situation using this valuable tricks.
  • We also serve you valuable guidance about the ways that lead towards the success of relationship.
  • The experts listen you first with the patience and examine the situation deeply before serving you the guide.

Emotional freedom is not all about giving space in relationship but it is more than it. Since you are involve with someone that means it is your responsibility to serve the emotional support in order to make the one confident and feel good. This thing always helps the people to become stronger emotionally. When one is stronger from inside can tackle all sorts of situations easily. There is a lot to learn about this term that you must know by scheduling an appointment with us.

Study Tour

Study Tour- NASA, ISRO, BARC Etc.

We understand that there are many child hold creativity and innovative ideas. They hold a kind of intellectuality to understand the thing from its core. However, problem is that they do not get the ideal platform to explore their talent.
In addition, we emerge in this connection at the forefront to serve you the best. Yes!!! We are lying a great platform to serve the brilliant opportunity to bring their talent out to impress the world. We organize study tour to NASA, ISRO, BARC etc. Let’s know more about it.

Why Should You Take Part In

  • There is a great chance to get surrounded by the positive people. If you take part in, it means you will get chance to meet the brilliant people and will learn a lot.
  • The experts, who hold great knowledge in this field, will guide you. It means you have a great chance to get indulged in a great pool of knowledge.
  • If you have a great interest in science, you must get enrolled in this workshop. You will find a number of thing that you did not know earlier.
  • Apart from it, this study tour will help you a lot to understand the science related fact in a great way. If you are preparing for a kind of any exam or do you wish to carve out your career in this field, then it would be very helpful.
  • To improve the level of your intellectuality, nothing can be greater than heading to this workshop.

Why Should You Choose Us –

We are here to serve you great opportunity to get indulged with the great knowledge that will lift up your knowledge regarding it.

  • We are here to serve you expected care. It means you would not be left alone at any step. You will surrounded by experts guiding you at every step.
  • This study tour has become quite famous among the school going kids, who hold great interest in science and wish to know more about it without getting confused. Now, you do not have need to get confused, as we are here to guide you.
  • This tour has been organised keeping the entire required thing in the mind. It means you will not confront any sorts of problem during your visit. There is a team of expert to explore you about various things at every step.

Do you wish to make your kids a bit more intellectual? If yes!!! Then you must give your kid a special kind of treat called study tour. You may not believe but they will get enthralled with the excitement. So, what are you waiting for? You just need to go through our official website to accumulate information about it.

If there is any kind of confusion then you may make us call or drop a mail, our team will get back to you within no time and will serve you the desire information. You are allowed to ask anything, as our expert will diminish your confusion.

Image Enhancement

Brief about Personality Training/image development

Personality training plays a strong role in understanding your behavior and unlocking your potential while taking a holistic view of your personality and behavior. It helps in highlighting basic fundamental dimensions of your behavior, scopes your preferences and potential for being rational and analytical, helps you in getting structured and organized, empathic and social. Klever Klues imparts the best personality training ensuring that people work and function in the best way. This is being done by allowing them to make the most from their natural strengths and core abilities.

Personality training

The personality of people may change when they constantly strive for meaning in their lives by expressing their abilities and preferences. They also continue to seek relationships, lifestyles, jobs, and careers that provide them the freedom to attain self-expression as well as behavioral preference. The personality witnesses major changes when

Our day-to-day life stops us to use our natural abilities. Our capacity for achieving the true potential gets diminished and so is our ability to find satisfaction in our respective relationships and work. In this scenario, personality training plays a crucial role.

Benefit or advantage of personality development

It helps in delivering greater happiness, fulfillment and confidence. It also beings in a sense of purpose, congruence and ability to stand on themselves in all avenues of life, which also include intimate and family relationships.

Our clients get to know themselves; they accept and master their highs and lows, their shadow side as well as their potential.

How Klever Klues can help

Klever Klues plays a significant roe and helps in personality development with the help of brain mapping.

We work on a psychometric tool, which studies human behavior and personality at length. We have trialed many different personality typing tools and systems and have worked with lots of clients using many other tools. Let’s study how clever Klues makes a difference in personality training.

Our technique is based on cutting edge technique in neuroscience (brain mapping) which does not solely depend on observations and behavior classifications.

We study the profile of the whole person (in terms of the whole brain) to define his/her personality-related behavior aspects. We make all efforts to portray the flexibility of your underlying behavioral ‘traits’. We encourage our clients to broaden their behavior while developing newer aspects of your personality as and when using more areas of your brain.

We work on a framework of Accelerated Personalized Development. Following the most effective and cost-effective solution, we know tricks and techniques of connecting and accelerating you into the best you can make possible. You will require no unnecessary padding and we deliver is you the best to ensure you bring out maximum believe-ability, blending congruence with effectiveness.

Klever Klues has been helping its clients in understanding, accepting and mastering themselves via personal development .

How it works

Personality training helps you in becoming imaginative and intuitive, nurtures your natural talents that may be over or under-utilized, brings out reasons for potential boredom or stress and analyses your degree of alignment to your core to ensure that your overall personality is trained to come out as the best. 

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