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About Brain Profile Advisory Test

Brain Profile Advisory Test plays a major role to understand the strength and weakness of brain. To put in simple words, our brain can be categorized into two categories like Left Brain and Right Brain. They both hold different responsibilities.

Brain Profile Advisory Test provides a report on Dermatoglyphics part of brain. It’s a scientific study that links fingerprint patterns to brain lobes, DMIT helps in studying a unique inborn potential and personality.

For instance, the left frontal lobe function is responsible for Numeric and Analysis, Linguistic Grammar, Computation Process, Conceptual Understanding while right frontal Lobe function revolves around Picture Imagination, Idea formation, Visual Spatial Ability and 3D Visualization. It means they both do different tasks.

Brain Profile Advisory Test- Dermatoglyphics has emerged as the leading provider of different memory technique programs Multi Intelligence Test, Brilliance before Birth, Vaidik Maths, Mnemonics, Calligraphy, Learning Style and much more. We have been serving in this field from a long time and emerged as the reputed brand. We make you understand about your brain.

There are many students who are average in their study, but they do not know that they can do better if they come to know about their brain. We encourage our customers to know your inborn talent by DMIT test in order to become a winner.

Renowned scientist Dr.Howard Gardner developed the DMIT Analysis which is based on Neuroscience and Multiple Intelligence Theory. The DMIT Test Report can help you know your strengths and weaknesses with the help of Dermatoglyphics and brain analysis.

Dermatoglyphics comprises the study of skin patterns which are present on fingers, toes and the soles of human. They help us to know about the congenital links that exist between our fingers and our qualities. These patterns are defined during the foetal development stage.

DMIT for children and students

The DMIT test can help you know the child’s inborn talent. You can identify the best learning style for your child and eventually select their activities based upon their inborn potential. You can also identify your child’s Multiple Intelligence via DMIT.

DMIT test is also helpful for students as it helps in knowing them their Personal Quotients. It also helps them to know more about the IQ-EQ-AQ-CQ-SQ. They can hence know their analytical and creative skills via DMIT. It further helps them to understand their intrinsic potential.

DMIT also further comes as a blessing for career guidance as it helps in developing one’s core competencies. You can recognise your Multiple Intelligence and explore your strength and weakness. Also, you can explore the most suitable learning and leadership qualities via DMIT.

DMIT for adults, employees and teachers

DMIT has a bigger and significant role for adults, employees and teachers. While the adults can know about their hidden talents, they can also improve their relationships with loved ones while making better communications. DMIT can help them in making self evaluation and develop compatibility with spouse or business partner. It also helps them to reveal their strength they possess and also helps them to perform better at work.

Similarly, the employees can learn more about the personal potentials and discover more on leadership, planning and execution qualities.

The teachers can also gain benefits from DMIT as they identify the inborn talents as well as weaknesses of students. They can understand the strengths of students and can hence design multi-modality teaching methods.

Brain Profile Advisory is the Best Approach: Brain Profile Advisory Analysis – Dermatoglyphics is the best way to help parents take the right decision for their children. Also, it is the only scientific tool which has emerged after decades of research. Scientists found out that our fingerprints implicit the simultaneousness of the development between our fingerprints and human brains neocortex. Hence it identifies children’s talent and builds their talents into strengths to fulfil the ultimate need of self-actualization.

Benefits of Brain Profile Advisory Test :

DMIT Analysis helps people of all ages from all walks of life. Be it toddlers, students, adults, employees or teachers, all of them can explore their inborn strengths via this technique.

While the parents can know more about their toddlers’ potential, the DMIT also helps them to make right decisions on parenting styles and educational methods. DMIT also has a strong role for teenagers & young adults. They can discover newer learning styles at this age and can explore better that which courses can help them to take a success path.

DMIT Analysis also helps the adult as they understand their area of intelligences and can take right decision  on their careers. Understanding more about self can help adults communicate better and thus build better relationships. Employers can also apply dermatoglyphics analysis to find out the strength and weakness of their employees for position placement
Brain Profile Advisory can hence help you in understanding your child’s innate characteristics. When parents misunderstand their children as they do not know their inborn characteristics (curious, aggressive, rebellious, persistent and etc), DMIT extends them a helping hand to trace the right path. It also helps you to understand and develop an effective way to interact with your child based on their inborn communication style. DMIT can be a very good reference for those who intend to make a career change or else for those who want to venture into new business or to pick up new skill/education.

What About The Learning Style ?

As the term already defines that, it is all about the way of learning. Saying would not be wrong that it is the first step to get deeply indulged with any field. If it does not go in the right manner, then it may ruin the curiosity of learning. In this context, it is advised by the experts to go along with the right way of learning.

How We Cater You –

  • There are experts who guide the adults and kid both towards following the right way.
  • When it comes to learn something new, it starts from the basic and our experts encourage you to learn the basics of it.
  • There is a well-experienced team to know the child inborn talents and natural characters in order to guide them towards the right way. Not only this, but we also showcase interest towards identifying the kids innate abilities.
  • There are a number of Brain gyms, visualizationtechniques, concentration exercise and so many other ways to emphasize on the learning style. The concentration exercise and visualization techniques have been designed in a way so it helps the kids and adults to recognize their ability and the right way of learning.
  • Apart from it, many courses have been prepared to lift up the concentration level, senses, communication with left-brain and right brain of the kids. It does not only help in their personal life but professional as well. You find yourself able to take the right decision as well as feel confident.
  • Our learning style pattern revolves around various gyms like brain gym, eye gym, visualization techniques, Alpha conversion, brain exercise and so on.

As per experts, helping a child develops his right brain potential indicates towards his/her bright future. It is required to be careful at the starting point since it is only brain that helps to achieve their full potential. These days, this concept is high in demand and being appreciated among the people. There are no parents in the world who do not wish to get blessed with the intelligent kids. However, this time, it is also required to understand that you have also some responsibility towards your kids and paying attention towards Learning Style is one of them. You may choose us to carve out his/her life towards success.


Multi Intelligence Test is also called Psychometrics test. It is a kind of standard and scientific method used to examine and measure the intellectual level of the kid and adults both. To put in simple words, it helps to come across about the mental capabilities and behaviour style.

This test plays a very important role to know that what treatment would be right to give in order to enhance the mental capabilities and power of thinking. Experts always take help of this to go in depth of the treatment and serve the best to hone the skills to bring the best out. Here, some of the prominent types have been mentioned below.

What About the Psychometric Test for Adults –

  • Psychometric Multiple Intelligence Test – It comes under this test and quite helpful to go with the right kind of treatment. This test revolves around the measurement of an individual’s talent. The term Psychometric means the measure of a person’s mental health. This test helps the experts to know the way of thinking as well as different carriers of an individual.
  • Psychological Screening Inventory – The next one is Psychological Screening Inventory that works on the theory of personality types. If someone is going through some, kind of unpleasant experience and not happy with his/her own behaviour, then this test is very effective to know all about an individual’s personality. This test revolves around various points like decision-making, perception or attitudes towards life, relationship etc., to dig out the perfect solutions. In short, this test has been designed in a way so it becomes easy to take insight of the person’s behaviour and the reasons.
  • Thematic Apperception Test (TAT) – This test is another in this list, which helps to know why one is habitual to some kind of habit and why not able to change or quit them. It unearths the reason the underlying inhibited tendencies and the reasons why one is not willing to admit. In short, it can be said that it helps experts to know about patients personality that why he/she is going through some kind of sentiments, complexes or conflicts.
  • Richmond Survey Instrument (RSI) – Sometimes people do not understand what career would be right to choose and why. In this connection, you need to take help of career anchors to understand and help you to choose the right career thinking money, power, social affiliation and expertise.

Why Give A Thumbs Up To Us –

We have been existing in this field from a long time and quite busy to serve the best services. We hold a number of satisfied customers whom we have already served. Whether you are a kid or  an adult, we are here to guide you. You must choose us in order to get the most out of the life.

We have experts who understand your needs and requirements in a discreet manner to serve you the right treatment. So, what are you waiting for? It is time to give shape to your personality and career. There is an excellent team to cater you.


Brief about MBTI

The MBTI assessment has gained credence in last few years owing to its success results. This test has been helping individuals in knowing about their strengths, they can know about their potential as well as about their preferred working styles. Hence this tool plays a vital role in helping an individual understand his/her personality type, which can ensure his/her personal and professional growth.

Basically, the ultimate aim and objective of this test is to provide self-awareness as well as clarity of the goal. The MBTI assessment is useful in creating a better understanding as well as appreciation between team members and colleagues, which can enable them to work in a better way together. Overall, we can say that MBTI test helps one to know more about his personality.

How it works

You will be surprised to know that 89 of Fortune 100 companies have been using the MBTI assessment which has been helping individuals and teams to enhance their effectiveness in their career modules.  The results of this assessment are quite surprising as they are maximizing confidence of individual and team right from their from entry to executive levels. This test has been researched for over 50 years and is used by millions of professionals each year. The results of the MBTI assessment are quite effective. In case you are using the authentic version of the MBTI assessment, it makes sure that you are providing the personality measurement following the world standard.

Benefit or advantage of MBTI

MBTI has proved to be significant in different areas such as in improving the teams, in developing leaders, in resolving conflict, in exploring career guidance and in strengthening communication. The MBTI was constructed for normal populations, the MBTI test clearly emphasizes on the naturally occurring differences and its values.

Why you should do it 

MBTI works on a theory that we all have specific preferences depending on which we construe our experiences, and it is these preferences, which underlie our interests, needs, values, as well as motivation. Hence it helps in exploring ourselves to come out as a better team player, better leader to ensure we do the best in whatever way we can.

How Klever Klues can help

Klever Klues helps you with MBTI which further explores the real you. It helps you to find out if you are an Analyst with personality of an architect that is imaginative and strategic thinkers or a logician with a nature of innovative inventors who has an unquenchable thirst for knowledge.

It also helps you to know if you have a commander personality of being bold and strong-willed leaders or of a debater, which comprise smart and curious thinkers who fail to resist an intellectual challenge.

It also helps you to find out if you are a debater with a personality of an advocate who remains quiet and mystical or of a mediator, of a protagonist who make charismatic and inspiring leaders, or of a campaigner who is enthusiastic and creative.

Further, you can be a sentinel with a personality of a logistic who is practical and fact-minded, a defender who is dedicated and warm protector, an executive who forms an excellent administrator or a consul with extraordinarily caring nature.

It can also help you to make out if you are an explorer with a personality of a virtuoso who is bold and practical experimenter, of an adventurer who comprises flexible and charming artists, of an entrepreneur who loves living on edge being smart and energetic or of an entertainer who is spontaneous, energetic and enthusiastic.

Brain Mapping Therapy – Adult

Who says Mid Brain Activations is considered only for the kids? If you think the same, then you are a bit wrong. Mid Brain Activation is also important for the adults. As per experts, it works a lot for the adults too and plays a major role to carve out a successful ways for them.

What About Mid Brain Activation- Adult

The mid brain activation has proved how beneficial it is for both be it kid or adults. Here, we are talking about Mid brain activation adult that has been developed keeping in mind the scientific approach and motivation teaching method. It is required to mention that there is not a religion or magic in this entire classes or session. It is all about the scientific approach and motivational teaching.

What It Covers

It has been designed in a way so it is helpful to teaches you how to balance the left and right brain functions, absorb capacity of memory, ability to enhance self confidence and focus, stability force, remarkable state of learning and much more. In short, it can be said that it covers almost all things associate to brain and hold the power to make or break your image.

Why One Should Take Mid Brain Activity – Adults Session

  • Taking help of these activities portrays a major role to sharp the memory of adults. They find themselves able to tackle the tricky situations.
  • It helps them to find out the solutions of the problems.
  • After taking part in the session, they start thinking out of the box.
  • There are many customers, who find that it helped them a lot to do good in business and job.
  • Not only this, it also works a lot to make you stress free.
  • Those who earlier feel less of confidence now have got oozed with the confidence. To put in other words, it works a lot to boost up the confidence.
  • To get self motivated, it is required to get indulged with the Mid Brain Activity.
  • This classes and sessions are served by the experts and quite helpful to improve the IQ and EQ level as well.
  • This kind of activities has been prepared in a way so adults become master of the sense.
  • If you wish to improve your concentration power and the way of thinking then you must go ahead with these classes.

Why Should You Choose Us

Though the new age world is flooded with a number of service providers, but no one can rule over your heart as same as we have done. We have carved out our special image within a very short span of time. Our customers believe on us as we serve them quality based service and charge reasonable price. We are committed to serve the best as we understand the value of your time and money both. To put in simple words, it is the way to make you walk on the right path of being a genius. If you wish to flaunt the magic of your brain then you must say YES to us.

Brain Mapping Therapy – Child

The fast paced life demands the kids to be a smarter and quick learner in order to survive in the cut-throat competition. In this connection, we are introducing you our brilliant and the most sought after Mid Brain Activity-Kid. Let’s check it out more about it.

What About The Mid Brain

It is called Mid Brain Activity as it belongs to the central nervous system’s part called Mesencephalon. This part is responsible for vision, motor control, sleep, wake, temperature regulation and hearing. The midbrain is situated between the two developmental regions of the brains called forebrain and hindbrain. These types of activities are designed keeping the function of this part of the brain.

What About The Mid Brain Activation

Being a reputed brand, we cover this activity and serve the workshop called “Mid Brain Activations” or “Brain Activation”. The objective of this term is balancing the right-left brain. The mid brain activation is responsible the whole brain parts. The experts use various kinds of methods to make the kids and enthusiastic and happy in order to maximize all brain parts which is quite essential to lead towards a bright future. Here, we are committed to use advanced brain wave frequency in the joy of music. We adhere to serve the stress-free environment to do the development of the mid, left and right brain.

Advantages Of Mid Brain Activity – Kid

  • It plays a major role to sharp the memory of the kids.
  • Taking part in Mid Brain Activity is also considered important as it makes them stress free.
  • To get self motivated, it is required to get indulged with the Mid Brain Activity.
  • The speed of reading also gets increased. Not only this, it also improves the IQ and EQ level as well.
  • This kind of activity has been designed in a way so kids become master of the sense.
  • Their concentration power gets also increased and the level of confidence gets increased.

How It Works

In this workshop, children enjoy and play various games, puzzles, brain gym exercise, dance and so on. These workshops are designed keeping many points in the mind. It is quite helpful to improve the memory power, concentration power, self-esteem, confidence, thinking style, sharper kind and much more. In short, it can be said that it portrays a major role to shape the overall personality. They start thinking and contemplating in an excellent manner.

Why Should You Choose Us

Though there are a number of service providers available, but no one is dominated in this field like us. We are known for maintaining the standard and quality. We have carved out a special image within a very short span of time. This kind of workshop is also being appreciated among the experts as they consider it accurate to develop the mind. It prepares kids to become more intellectual and creative. So, what are you waiting for? You must send your kids to take part in this to get smarter and sharper.

Mnemonics Klues

“Mnemonics – A Great Technique To Prepare Your Mind To Store A Sizeable Data”

Generally, we believe that some individuals are born geniuses which make them able to do things in a unique way. Do you agree with this? If yes!!! Then you need to bring a slight change in your thinking. Actually, they are called genius since they are using a wide part of their mind to store more data. To put in simple words, the capacity of the human brain can be increased by doing some creative activities and exercises.

A Bit About Mnemonics

The word “Mnemonics” belongs to Greek language, which means Mindful. It is a kind of aid in the form of abbreviation, mental images or rhymes that plays a major role to keep the things in the mind for a long time. This kind of technique is called Mnemonics. It is very helpful to keep a wide chunk of information in the mind longer.

Advantages Of Mnemonics

It is pretty much helpful for the students, who wish to grab a wide data in their mind to crack the competitive exams. It a kind of useful tool preparing your mind to get loaded with the enough and desired data. Using this tool, you can easily keep in mind various things like large amount of data, formulae, history dates, equation etc. Not only this, but it also plays a major role to cover even some other topics if you want.

What About The Types Of Mnemonics For Good Memory

In this section, some of the prominent types of Mnemonics have been mentioned.

  1. Spelling Mnemonics
  2. Ode or Rhyme Mnemonics
  3. Music Mnemonics
  4. Image Mnemonics
  5. Model Mnemonics
  6. Connection Mnemonics
  7. Note Organization Mnemonics
  8. Name Mnemonics
  9. Expression or Word Mnemonic

Why Should You Opt This Tool

Actually, we need to understand that there is no problem with our memory, but it is all about the storage system. We do not train our mind according to the storage or indexing system. Since, we do not pay attention over this point, it leads towards weak memory. And we do not find ourselves able to keep the things in the mind. Now, the point comes that why should you go along with this tool. If we wish to grab the wide attention at the forefront then you we should say yes to it as it trains our mind in a great way.

Why Should You Choose Us

  • Our experts are trained in a special technique or strategies ideal to train your mind and improve your memory.
  • We hold wide experience in this field and prepare your mind to get loaded with the wide information and data.
  • This workshop has been prepared in a way so your long term memory will get sharper and stronger.

So, what are you waiting for? It is time to pamper your mind in a great manner in order to carve out a special image at the forefront. It is your brain that helps you to grab your goals within stipulated time.

Mother Toddler Klues

We are in this field from a long time and serving the best. Here, we are going to introduce the new program called Mother Toddler Program. It works on positivity and it encourages an individual with great confidence. Our mother toddler program is based on different types of exercises and mythology as per scientific. Our experts keep checking the progress at every stage.

Whether it is the mother or toddler, they both feel very delighted after attending these classes. Some of them also wish to come again in classes in order to get motivated. These classes have been prepared keeping various things in the mind like what about the brain structure of a person, weakness, strengths and much more. We are here to figure out what is unique in them and where they are talented. What is all about the process in order to excel their strengthen areas.

A Bit About Mother Toddler Program

As the name of the program indicates that it has been designed keeping the needs and requirements of mother and toddler. Since it has been created by the experts, it is very helpful for the kids and parents both. This kind of program not only brings out the great results but also build up a great relationship between the mother and toddler. Apart from it, there are a number of direct and indirect effects that are helpful for the upbringing of the toddler.

It includes different types of activities keeping the age group of 9 months to 2 yrs. It is very helpful for your toddlers since it brings an opportunity to explore creativity and interact with other children. It makes the kids to get opened with others and go along with them easily.

Why To Choose This Unique Programme

Being a trusted brand, we are here to help children to unleash their potential and talent using the proven scientific methodology. We have a great team of the experts having wide knowledge in this field and they have designed this kind of special programme called Mother Toddler Program. It is a great way to get the most out of the inborn strengths in life.

  • It plays an important role to improve average or weaker areas in life.
  • Since this programme has been designed in a way so it plays a role to determine the capacity of achieving big goals.
  • We staunchly believe that every child is talented, unique and capable to excel.

Advantages Of Mother Toddler Programme

  • It helps to improve the confidence of the kids.
  • They come close to their parents in a great manner.
  • It also helps the kids to understand relationship with loved ones, peers and self.
  • Some of the activities are designed in a way so they help a lot to nourish enjoyment and raise curiosity about the activities and objects.

So, what are you waiting for? You also need to go for getting enrolled in this program with their kids to get showered with a number of benefits.

Super Baby

The happiness cannot be explored in words when someone goes to become a mother. There is no one in the world, who does not expect to have a stronger and sharper baby. But have you every muddled that you may also put your extra efforts to get the desired baby? Yes! It happens and it is true. The progra called Super Baby has been designed keeping these things in the mind. Here, we are going to introduce you this program

A Bit About Super Baby

It is very helpful to guide you in a right manner. This new age programme revolves around various exercises, activities and eating habits to make the mind of your baby sharper and stronger. It holds various things suggested by the experts like what you need to take in the first month and then others.

The food suggested by the experts plays a major role to make the immune system stronger from its starting. For example, the experts suggest the 3 important foods to take in the first month like Broccoli, Cauliflower and Carrots. And Peanut butter, Potatoes, meat, Oats, Bananas etc., is suggested for the next months.

The Connection Between DMIT and Super Baby Workshop

It is required to mention that centuries of study and research works made possible to have a great development of DMIT science. The importance cannot be ignored at any rate. Super Baby program is a kind of part of this new age science that helps a baby inside the womb to get the desired and an ideal atmosphere to grow.

Generally, it is considered a baby grows after coming out of the womb but his/her basic development has already get started inside the womb. If an ideal care is provided to him/her from the starting, it portrays an important role to build up a strong body having a strong immune system and mind.

Why Should You Choose Us

  • We believe that every child comes with some kind of great abilities.
  • The experts hold wide experience in this field to guide you in a proper way.
  • We understand your needs and requirements deeply to serve you the best.
  • Whether it is food, activities or services, everything is suggested by the experts in a discreet manner.
  • Super Baby is a kind of special programme has been designed by the very talented and experienced experts to make you have the desired baby.
  • Parents are guided by the experts and make you get oozed with the greater confidence.

It is required to mention that this programme is high in demand as people are desperate to get blessed with the super baby. And this is the major reason that made this programme high in demand among the mothers going to be a mother.

This programme helps to pamper the child from the starting, which plays a major role to go along with an ideal upbringing of kids. If you want to have a super baby then you must get enrolled with this programme. If you have still any kind of confusion then you may consult with our experts, they are available to guide you in a proper way.

Virtuous Baby

Do you wish to get a Virtuous Baby? If your answer is in affirmative then you have landed at the right platform. The foundation of this organization has been laid thinking to work on the brain. Getting virtuous baby is not a tough thing; you just need to think in a different way.

Being a mother, you need to get indulged in various activities to get a healthy baby having sharper mind and the way of thinking. Not only this, after birth a kid needs to undergo a special observation that can help them to get the most out of the life. Here, we are going to more about our way of working. Let’s check it out.

What About Our Methodology

Being a distinguished organization, we believe in serving a meaningful transformation and positive change to your life. We staunchly believe that every individual holds great power and potential, but they do not know about them. We help them to know their potential and power of brain. Our experts play a major role to introduce them in order to know in what field they are good and do great if work hard constantly.

In today’s fast-paced life and cut-throat competition, it has become essential to go along with the speed. Many think that it is tough, but it is not exactly. We just need to pay focus on our abilities and interest. To serve you the best, we follow an assiduous work strategy revolve around new age technology to dig out the inherent strength and intelligence. It helps to check out the genetics or past history. Whether you are a parent, school going child or teacher, it is helpful for all. This session portrays a major role to identify the inborn intelligence level of the child or adult. They have been designed in a way so it helps to focus on interest and areas of strength to take the right path in order to gain his goals.

In what We Believe

  • We staunchly believe that every child is talented hold capability to showcase his/her capabilities.
  • Our expert understand that every child is unique. It means every individual is blessed with unique qualities to serve the society. No one is dumb in this whole world.
  • There is no doubt that every child is loaded with the power to excel.

At this platform, we play a major role to find out what is unique in them. In what field or area, they are good and what they must hone their skills and abilities. Our experts help children to unleash their potential and talent using powerful and prove scientific methodology. These sessions, classes and activities help to get the most out of the world. We understand that there is nobody in the world without having talent. There is only need to sharp them.

So, what are you waiting for? Do you wish to feel proud to be a parent of a sharp minded kid then you need to say us as our experts know all the tricks to make them unique among others.

Brilliance Before Birth Klues

Do you know your baby can gain more intellectually before coming in this world? Yes!!! You may not believe, but it is true. As per study, it has been clear that your baby already starts his work growing and developing inside the womb. There are various ways like classical music, intellectual conversion, poetry, etc., which plays an enormous role to make him more intelligent.

Many of you may think that Brilliance is a word that associate to an individual after birth. But It is half-truth since the term of Brilliance can be associated to an individual before birth. Science has developed a lot and concludes that the mother’s behave affects the brain of a child directly. If a pregnant women pay attention over her behave, the way of thinking, speaking, etc., she will give birth to a child having a healthy mind oozing with great ways of thinking, speaking and observing thinking.

What About the Benefits Of A Session Called “Brilliance Before Birth”

  • It makes your child more intelligent.
  • He/she comes into the world bearing a healthy and creative mind.
  • The child start observing things in a discreet manner.
  • He/she becomes more intellectual and observe things quickly.
  • The child develops a great bond with their parents.
  • He/she love to learn new things to increase the knowledge.

Why Should You Take “Brilliance Before Birth” Session –

It is said that a child learn many things from her mother inside her womb. The child observes a number of things including the way of thinking, speaking, contemplating, behaving etc. In this context, a mother needs to be very careful regarding her behaviour. This session includes various things that help the child to learn many things before birth. Our session revolves around many classes like singing, conversation, painting, creativity etc.

How We Help You –

Being a distinguished brand, we serve you a great service in this context to bring a broad grin on your face. We adhere to serve ultra-modern classes to give birth to virtuous, vigorous, healthy, extremely intelligent and beautiful child. Saying would not be wrong that it is enough to make you feel proud parents.

These classes have been prepared keeping all things in the mind that hold power to leave the positive effects on the mind of the child. Though all these activities have been done by the mother, but it directly affects the mind of the child.  Experts always consult and guide the mother in a discreet way to understand the benefits of every activity she is going to do.

So, what are you waiting for? If you wish to have a healthy child having sharper and stronger mind, you must enrol yourself to these classes designed especially for you. These classes will be served by the experts hold knowledge in this field and believe to serve something great that cannot be found anywhere else. At the time of serving you, we do not only go with the techniques, but with the creative and innovative ideas as well. In short, it times to say a BIG YES to this class.

Parenting Klues

Parenting Workshop…The term is not new for us. The two words easily describing that it is something belong to parent to build up great bond with their parents. It is called parenting workshop as they are considered only for parents. Who says parenting is easy? No, it is not easy at all. The fast paced life and competitive environment brought a great change to our life and affect even the relationship between kids and parents too.

There is no dearth of the people, who wish to be ideal parents for their kids but sometimes it does not come true because of various reasons. Would you like to let the relationship with your kids ruin? Of course, Not. Being a parent, you need to take the right step and it is called parenting workshop.

A Bit About Parenting Workshop

The term Parenting Workshop refers to a kind of classes that have been designed by the experts keeping various things in mind revolve around the parent and kids’ psychology. To put in other words, it a kind of science that helps parents to understand their kids like why they are behaving like this, what are things can make them happy, sad, excited and much more.

Why Should You Join This –

  • They have been designed by the experts keeping various things in the mind. They have done great study over the psychology belong to kid and parents both to bridge the gap between of them.
  • They target the aim that how to build up good relationship between parents and kids using various tricks.
  • The workshop and classes are served by the experts, who hold great experience in this field and widely known for having immense knowledge.
  • Taking part in this kind of workshop plays a major role to fabricate good relationship between the parents and kids.
  • There is a number of solutions and suggestions are served by the experts as per the type of the questions and problems.
  • There is a number of customers, who took part in this workshop and find the positive affect in their relationship with the kids.
  • These workshops are result oriented and churn out the best results to the parents. We explore various things to you that how to understand you kids in a discreet manner. How to find if he/she is ok or not.

Reasons To Choose Us

  • We have been in this field from a long time and considered best for serving the quality.
  • We have experienced experts having immense knowledge in this field.
  • Being a reputed firm, we charge reasonable price for taking part in workshop.
  • Our experts know how to cooperate parents to go in depth with their kids. Apart from it, they always understand you with the patience.
  • We also ensure you about the privacy. We never share your details or your kids detail with others. It means everything will be kept secret between the experts and you.

So, if you have any kind of dilemma regarding parenting workshop then you must drop a mail or make a call to us. Our dedicated team is all set to get back to you within a very short span of time.

Klever Kouple

Many of you may have heard a lot of time that it has become a bit tough to lead a happy married life. If there is something true?  It might be but a number of studies indicate that many divorces occur just because of minor issues. And they can be resolved easily. If mistakes are not corrected at the right place and time, they lead to unpleasant experience called divorce.

A Bit About Relationship Counseling

It is relationship counseling considered the best solution. It revolves around the various methods that bridge the gap between husband and wife in case of having issues. There are many courts all around the country, which always suggest regarding Relationship Counseling before heading to them since many time solutions comes out and marriage does not turn into divorce.

We need to understand that they are not only the two get separated when a marriage broken but there are many who associate to this relationship. We all should pay our best to save it in order to bring a broad grin to the face of our loved one.

How Relationship Counseling Helps –

  • It brings both parties at the same platform and listen them carefully to bring the solutions out.
  • The experts put their efforts to find out the loop that is creating the misunderstanding between both of them.
  • Not only this, but many people also come to know how to make their relationship stronger. In today’s life, we all have become too much busy and do not find enough time to even talk with each other with the stamina and courage. When you got lethargic, it also affects your relationship. In this connection, you need to take help of it.

Why Should You Give A Thumbs Up To Us

  • We have a great team to suggest you valuable ideas and tips.
  • We make the both parties understand each other by diminishing the confusion.
  • The experts are knowledge and wide experience holders as they have been working in this field from a long time.

What’s Our Burning Desire –

We observed that divorce cases are raising day-by-day and we need to stop them in order to present a good environment to our next generation. The foundation of this platform has been laid having motto to reduce the number of this type of cases. To lead towards a happy married life is not a tough task; it can be done easily by taking minor things in the mind. We want you not to regret on your decision and that is why always serve you beneficial advice to make your life happy and contented.

Why should not you give the last chance to your relationship by heading to counseling? Our experts hold sizeable knowledge regarding this field and know all the required things to serve great for you. If you are thinking about the charges then they are reasonable in comparison of others. So, it is time to say yes to your happy married life.

Anxiety Counseling Treatments

Anxiety counseling has become a major part of the industry. It is a treatment for anxiety disorders which can be completed without the need of taking any medication. Anxiety counseling is done by experienced and professional psychologists and therapists who understand all about the disorder and try to cure the actual problem instead of just working on the symptoms.

There are a number of anxiety counseling treatments which are established and have proved to be the best cure for the disorder. Cognitive behavior therapy is the most beneficial treatment which has shown benefits for curing all kinds of anxiety disorders. Other kinds of anxiety counseling include holistic therapy, psychodynamic therapy and so on which have proved their existence as one of the best therapy for curing anxiety. It is important to visit the right therapist as soon as possible if you are facing any kind of anxiety disorder.

Why anxiety counseling is required for today’s world-

Everyone feels anxious at some point in time and with the growing cases of anxiety in the world, it has become one of the major problems faced by the people even worse than depression. For the ones who feel anxiety and panic disorders more frequently than others, this problem has a greater level of danger. Anxiety can become a threat to a person’s life if faced more frequently than normal.

  • It has been found that almost 8 million people in the United Kingdom are affected by anxiety disorders.
  • Out of those, most people are under the age of 35
  • Mostly women suffer from this severe disorder than men
  • Anxiety disorders are faced by people who have faced major and shocking incidents in their lives which have completely shattered them
  • People feel some common symptoms like sleep deprived, dizziness, irritability, nervousness, shaky hands, nausea, and diarrhea when they face anxiety attacks
  • Most people face social anxiety i.e. they fear meeting new people and face issues like fear of judgment, evaluation, and criticism. This type of anxiety is faced by a huge amount of people in the world.
  • In the United States, social anxiety has proved to be the third largest psychological disorder in the country.
  • According to the WHO reports, anxiety has recently become one of the major problems faced by people of India
  • Depression and anxiety disorders are increasing day by day. According to the WHO reports, one out of every five people in the world are becoming victim of anxiety disorders
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder i.e. fear of getting affected by the dirt of the society has become a major problem faced by most old age people. This issue is faced by the young generation as well.
  • Phobias also come under anxiety disorders and fear of any animal or certain situation has also become one of the most faced problems by the people of the world
  • Most teenagers are anxious nowadays. They generally have stage fear or fear of speaking up their mind.
  • Most people who have been a victim of some trauma in the near or far past also become the victim of this disorder.

Above are the facts that prove that there is a need for an effective treatment which can make people rid of this issue completely. Instead of relying on medications which can only relieve you from the stress for a short period of time, one should start taking anxiety counseling. This can lower the rate by which this disorder is taking up the society.

Benefits or advantages of anxiety counseling-

Have a look at the benefits of anxiety counseling-

  • It is assumed that if people have a large number of friends or family members, he has many ears to listen and many minds to understand him. Although, this notion is completely false. It has been seen that in the fear of judgment, people suffering from anxiety don’t share their feelings easily. Here is when anxiety counseling helps a lot. The counselor listens and understands all your problems and tries to change your perspective on life by just sharing his idea of living.
  • Anxiety counseling has proved to be a better treatment than any kind of medication. No medicines can make a person self-confident for a lifetime. It may boost your confidence for some time but later on, you might face the same. Anxiety counseling treats the root cause of the problem and helps you live a better life.
  • When you have someone who listens to you and doesn’t judge you for your behavior, you feel more relaxed. A counselor enters the inner of the world of the client and tries to solve the mysteries which have been causing the client to react in a certain way. Anxiety counseling is not a miraculous cure but it is a treatment which helps clients to believe that life is easy.

Why choose us-

KleverKlues provides the best anxiety counseling for the clients of all age groups. Here are the reasons why you should choose us over other centers-

  • Our anxiety counselors are expert professionals who have higher degrees in psychology and understand humans better. They make the clients comfortable and never judge them for their past or present life.
  • We have gained our credibility over the years as one of the best centers for providing counseling
  • Our way of solving the problem of our clients is unique and client-centric. We make sure that our clients are satisfied with our services
  • We conduct various sessions to make sure that our clients get proper treatment in stipulated time
  • We let our clients test their own personality by conducting MBTI assessment test. This way, clients judge their own performance before and after the session
  • We are here to help the world get rid of all kinds of social and non-social anxieties
  • Our sessions are productive as well as affordable
  • We listen to our clients and value their feedback

Choose KleverKlues as we are the best in bringing transformation in your personality and in the whole world.

Depression Treatment

Depression counseling is a type of treatment as well as medication for the commonly faced condition depression. It has been researched that the effectiveness of depression counseling and talk therapy is much more than the medicinal treatment for depression.

Well, it is important to have someone to talk to in a day and counselors become your best friend. They listen to you! They understand why you are feeling blue and why you are stuck in a condition in which you are right now.

You may be doing everything right in your life but sometimes when you don’t share your thoughts with someone, it starts haunting you day and night. It may lead to some serious health conditions as well. The role of depression counseling is hence very important in today’s world.

Why depression counseling is required for today’s world-

Depression is a serious condition, which is commonly experienced by people in the world. It is caused by both environmental as well as psychological factors. It has been seen that the number of young people who commit suicide or become a victim of depression has increased tremendously over the years. The reason for so much depression problems faced by young people has been found out to be pressure faced by them at home and at school or at work.

Why choose us-

  • KleverKlues is a renowned company established to create a better life for students and people
  • We have been named in the most prominent players in our niche
  • We have professional depression counselors who listen to all your problems and provide the best solutions in just a matter of few sessions
  • Our way of working is client-centric. We give importance to what our clients say about us. We value your feedback and organize better sessions according to your needs
  • We enable our clients to recognize their own strengths and weaknesses so that they can select the right session for themselves
  • MBTI Assessment has gained credibility in the recent years. You can know more about your personal and professional growth. This test helps you know more about your personality and we conduct this wonderful test here for you
  • We work to keep our clients motivated in their lives so that they can change their lives for good
  • Our services are according to the needs of clients. We provide the best services at the most affordable rates to our clients.

Depression counseling is necessary in today’s world. Choose us as your partner and get rid of this unwanted feeling of sadness.

Here are the facts that depict how depression is affecting the whole world-

  • It has been researched that every 100 minutes, a teenager suffering from depression takes up suicide
  • Around 8% of people in the Middle East are affected by depression and anxiety
  • More than 10% of people in North America, Western Europe, and Australia are the victims of depression
  • 6% of people in Asia suffer majorly because of depression
  • Female teenagers develop the problem of depression more than male teens
  • The teenagers who have been abused and accused become the very easy victim of depression
  • More than 20% of teenagers face depression before they reach adulthood
  • Young people who face any kind of major trauma at home like sudden death of a family member become an easy victim of depression
  • Adolescents who suffer from chronic illness or any other kind of physical illness easily become the target of depression
  • Only 30% of people suffering from depression get proper treatment for it and others ignore their condition and take wrong steps in their life

The above facts clearly state that there is a requirement of steps to be taken for treating depression all over the world. It is a chronic condition which is taking the lives of many people in the world and should be treated at its first stage in order to save millions of lives.

People avoid going to the therapists, as they fear that they would be judged as a fanatic. This is the reason why most people face trauma throughout their life and take some steps, which endanger their lives completely.

Clearly, depression counseling is needed by all the people going through this chronic illness. Talking to your therapist can help you in a lot many ways. A trained therapist can help a person is getting rid of the problem completely without judging him. Group therapy and cognitive therapy are amongst the most popular therapies that are taken up by the counselors to treat this condition.

Benefits or advantages of depression counseling-

  • When you speak out your thoughts, you see yourself from a perspective of another person and hence you are able to get rid of the thoughts that are playing with your interior mind. This way, you can get other ways of dealing with your problems by just letting them out in front of the counselor. Depression counselors don’t judge your thought process and examine the problem by just listening to you.
  • Depression counseling helps you feel less alone in this world. The counselor becomes your best friend who listens to all your issues and gives you the freedom to express yourself. Sometimes your friends and family members are unable to understand what you are going through and that’s when your depression counselor aids you by just talking to you.
  • After you have a counseling session with your counselor, you feel better and find it much easier to deal with the day to day problems of your life. Sometimes depression counseling can actually make you realize your worth in the world.
  • You can increase your physical wellbeing by talking to your depression counselor. After counseling, you are able to sleep better, get sounder sleep, have a better appetite, feel full of energy and feel better about yourself. Depression counseling has a comforting effect on your wellbeing.
  • You get a higher sense of self-awareness and you feel to live a better life once again. Depression counseling has a healing effect on a person’s life.

Personal Development Counseling

Personal development counseling is a way of enhancing the skills of an individual in order to enhance his overall personality. The sessions are conducted without any medication. The students learn the basic and advanced rules of communication so that they can increase their confidence and self-awareness. The counselor learns about the personality of an individual and then provides personal grooming and healing sessions.

Knowing more about yourself enables you to create an environment where you can speak your mind without any fear. You start to live in the real world forgetting all your insecurities. Self-awareness and personality development are correlated to each other and both are needed by an individual to excel in this competitive world. Personal development counseling works to make an individual know his good and bad and hence stand out from the crowd.

Why personal development counseling is required for today’s world

Personal growth is an ongoing process which is needed by every individual so as to reach his full potential. It is one of the greatest aspects of a person’s happiness, growth, maturity, and success.

Here are the reasons why personal development counseling is required for today’s world-

  • It has been seen that many teens lack self-confidence and hence become a victim of bullying and ragging. Some teens face problem while asking questions in the class in front of the other students. Teenagers are most likely to face personal development problems in today’s world.
  • Another biggest malaise of the society is that people lack empowerment. They don’t feel they have enough power to carry forward their creative desires. This issue is mainly faced by the women of the society. They are made to marry at an early age and then the society doesn’t allow them to follow their dreams. They are afraid to share their opinion and ask for what they deserve.
  • People feel de-motivated easily in today’s world. They lose hopes and think that they are not capable of doing anything great in their life. This feeling of hopelessness makes them take steps that are not required. Losing hope and sitting idle is not the right way to take things ahead.
  • Teenagers are generally the victim of negative emotions. They start feeling that if they are unable to fulfill their parents’ expectation they are not capable of anything in their life. This feeling starts to pent-up as negative thoughts in their minds. They feel lack of self-confidence in themselves and take steps to bully other students. This is not the right way of handling the lack of confidence they face.

Above are the examples of the requirement of personal development counseling especially for teenagers and women. Most women and teenagers feel lack of self-confidence in them and hence take their life ahead in a negative manner. They don’t recognize their potential and lead a life in their own shell. Personal development counseling becomes a boon for them.

Benefits or advantages of personal development counseling

When a counselor talks to you without judging you and you are able to share your feelings with someone without any fear, you become more self-confident. This way, you are able to find out your potential and utilize it to the most. Personal development counseling helps a person in a lot of ways.

Why choose us-

KleverKlues provides the best personal development counseling sessions to the students and adults.

Here are the reasons why you should choose to join us over other companies-

  • We are recognized by the government and our diligence and hard work has made us achieve a position where we are today.
  • We are amongst the top companies who work towards the growth and development of an individual and hence the society.
  • Our personal development counseling sessions are conducted and managed by the professional psychologists. They make sure that each individual get proper attention and is able to conquer his weaknesses
  • We conduct MBTI test which is the recognized way of testing your own personality.
  • We work day and night with our students so that they can recognize their own potential and become a better version of them.
  • We provide right guidance to our students and we work on the people of all age groups.

Choose KleverKlues and enroll for the best personal development counseling sessions.

Have a look at the benefits of personal development counseling-

  • Personal development counseling helps you in discovering your life purposes. It enables you to discover your potential and find out your talents. This way, you become more confident to pursue your creative desires. Knowing your life purposes not only helps you in self-development but it also enables you to feel more motivated, inspired, and dedicated to your life.
  • Personal development counseling involves many sessions which focus on your communicational, internal and social skills. The sessions are conducted individually as well as in groups so that you can become more self-confident to share your feelings in front of a group of people.
  • Personal development counseling helps you in getting your personal power back. It makes you feel empowered and strengthened. It makes you understand your life better so that you can work to judge and increase your life progress.
  • Personal development counseling helps you in setting goals of your life. It is very important to set goals of your life and people are unable to do it when they feel less motivated. Counseling by a professional enables you to find out the purpose of your life and set short term and long term goals for yourself.
  • Personal development counseling helps in changing your attitude towards life. You become more positive and your perspective towards life changes. With a positive mindset and self-belief, you become more empowered to face all the hardships of life.

Personal development counselor becomes your best friend and makes you confident enough to enjoy all the little moments of life.

Relationship Issues Counseling

Relationship counseling is service which is suited to handle all kinds of relationships whether it is a couple related relationships, friendship, family relationship, and so on. Away from the popular belief, relationship counseling is not only limited to couple’s thing. A relationship counselor helps you in improving communication, revitalizing connection, and re-negotiating commitments with your partner or friend.

Most people consider visiting a relationship counselor when the relationship issues touch the peak. At this point in time, it becomes difficult to handle the situation. The right time to seek help from a relationship counselor is when you start to see the problems arriving your way so that you can get rid of the root cause of the problems at an early age.

Relationship counselor helps you get rid of the day to day issues. Relationship counseling is done under the guidance of a professional counselor who knows how to handle the issues of relationships effectively.

Why relationship issues counseling is required for today’s world

Relationship counseling is needed for today’s world because of the growing relationship problems in today’s world.

Relationships nowadays face a lot of issues and some of them are mentioned below-

  • People today are not ready to sacrifice for each other while it is known that sacrifice is one of the most important parts of any relationship. Whether it is a relationship of a husband and wife, mother and daughter, or friends, one of the other significant partner needs to make a sacrifice at some point in time so as to take the relationship to another greater level.
  • Today it has become a trend to come in a relationship in schools and colleges. At this tender age, people just come into a relationship to add thrill and excitement to their lives. This approach harms them in a long term. People take wrong decisions and then regret it for the rest of their life.
  • Relationships in today’s world are not stable. It has been surveyed and known that while being committed to a partner, 80% people fall for another person. They end up breaking up with one partner and choosing other over him. Having feelings for multiple people at the same time ruins your relationship and the peace of your mind.
  • Social media plays an important role in ruining the relationships in today’s world. People love to update each and everything about their personal life to their social media accounts. People get access to judge your relationship and their comments and judgments cause many problems in relationships.
  • People are not patient with each other. They don’t listen and respect each other’s viewpoints. Every relationship is based on the understanding between the significant partners. If this bond of understanding breaks, it may shatter the relationship completely.
  • Loyalty used to be a virtue in people in earlier times but it has faded completely in today’s time. People often fake their relationship with each other and their loyalties are actually not for each other.
  • In India, most marriages break because of the lack of understanding between the female partner and the family of the male partner. A beautiful relationship becomes a victim of the family issues.

The above examples clearly depict that relationship counseling has become the need of an hour for today’s world. Relationship issues counseling helps people to know their partner well so that they can carry forward a peaceful and great relationship.

Benefits or advantages of relationship issues counseling

One cannot neglect the advantages or benefits provided by relationship counseling in today’s world.

Have a look at the benefits of relationship issues counseling in today’s world-

  • Relationship issues counseling improves your communication with your partner. It helps in reducing the intensity and number of arguments between two people. It improves your understanding with your partner so that you can know your needs and requirements better.
  • Relationship issues counseling revitalizes the lost intimacy in a couple’s life. It helps in restoring the loving connection between two partners.
  • It works on the loyalty of the partners. A relationship counselor makes your commitments with your partner stronger so that you can lead a peaceful life ahead.
  • A relationship counselor can help you see each other’s perspective. People have the different point of views and perspective in their lives which may cause conflicts in an existing relationship. Attending a relationship issues counseling helps you in understanding each other’s point of view well.
  • A relationship issue counseling helps you become more patient with each other. You learn to cope up with each other’s issues well. This way, you become more sensitive towards each other’s feelings. It helps you a lot in the long term.
  • Since relationship issues counseling not only focuses on couple’s problems, it is an effective way to deal with the conflicts in other relationships like friendships, families and so on.

Relationship issues counseling is a safe place where you can share your problems as no one is going to judge you. Instead, relationship counselors understand your problems and try to figure out the middle way to make both partners happy.

Why choose us-

KleverKlues is working on relationships issues for years now. We provide the best relationship issue counseling to our clients.

Here are the reasons why you should choose us over others-

  • We provide the most effective relationship issues counseling to our clients in stipulated time
  • Our relationship counselors are professional experts who know how to find the middle way to solve relationship issues
  • We are amongst the top companies who have gained credibility in the recent years because of the hard work and diligence
  • Our services make our clients satisfied and feel more confident about them
  • We let our clients access their performance by themselves. We conduct MBTI assessment test so that our clients can judge their own performance before and after the sessions
  • Our mission is to make our clients independent and socially more active
  • Our services are client-centered

Choose KleverKlues and improve your relationships with us.

Self Esteem Issues Counseling

Self-esteem counseling is a therapy session held by the professional psychologists for the ones who have low self-esteem issues. The sessions are held in order to increase their confidence and self-esteem. The therapy helps people identify the activities which help in boosting their confidence. Additionally, many sessions help people in boosting self-compassion so that they can generate and focus on more realistic goals.

There are some self-esteem developing sessions which are goals oriented. They help people in recognizing their goals and give them the power to accomplish their goals as soon as possible. There are many kinds of therapies which are solution focused and cognitive therapies. Working with a therapist can provide people with the right environment to speak up their mind.

The therapist becomes their best friend to whom a person can say anything without getting judged. Therapist lends ears to such people so that they can express their inner feelings in front of them freely. Self-esteem counseling makes the people more confident and compassionate so that they can achieve all their goals without losing.

Why self-esteem counseling is required for today’s world

A high self-esteem means a greater you! Still, there are cases of people suffering from low self-esteem problems in this world. Low self-esteem means people have negative feelings about themselves and are unable to achieve their goals after endless efforts.

Here are some of the facts which indicate that there are many cases of low self-esteem in people of the world-

  • It has been seen that most women in the age group of 25-30 years suffer from the issues of low confidence and self-esteem issues. This problem is mostly faced by women of urban India. They suffer from self-blame problems, unfavorable body image, not living up to expectations, and similar issues.
  • Most people in India have been seen suffering from depression because of having low self-esteem issues. Most Indian women and elderly people suffer from depression because of their low self-esteem issues.
  • Teenagers suffer from low self-esteem issues which impose many problems in their life ahead. They are unable to speak up their mind in front of the other students and teachers. Also, this low self-esteem leads them to take certain steps which are not meant for them to take. Many suicides of teenagers are encountered because of their low self-esteem issues.
  • When girls in rural areas are lead to marry at an early age, they become frustrated and low in self-esteem and confidence. Such cases are mostly encountered in rural areas of India which are still under development in terms of the infrastructure as well as in terms of the mindset of the people residing there.
  • Racial tension also leads to low self-esteem in people. If you are of any other caste, creed or race people treat you indifferently in certain parts of the world. This causes you to have issues of low self-esteem which needs to be treated or otherwise you may face a lot of troubles in the life ahead.

The above facts clearly state that there is a need for self-esteem counseling for the people suffering from low self-esteem. Self-esteem counseling boosts the confidence of such people and makes them capable to fight back their problems by themselves.

Benefits of advantages of self-esteem counseling

Self-esteem counseling benefits people having low self-esteem in a number of ways.

Have a look at some of the benefits of self-esteem counseling for the people having low self-esteem-

  • Self-esteem counseling makes people full of self-confidence. They become more goal oriented and get vigor to follow their dreams and goals.
  • There are different sessions held in self-esteem counseling which focus on boosting self-confidence as well as confidence in groups. The sessions are held individually as well as in groups so that people become more confident.
  • Person-centered counseling helps one in focusing on their needs and requirements so that they can feel positive about themselves and the rest of the society.
  • Cognitive behavior therapies focus on changing the negative self-beliefs of people so that they can get rid of the negative thoughts and lead a positive and peaceful life.
  • Self-esteem counseling helps you in accepting yourself. You become aware of your strengths and weaknesses. It makes you achieve your realistic goals so that you can rise and shine in this world of competition.
  • Self-esteem counseling makes you feel more confident in your own thoughts. You become fearless and express yourself more clearly than ever.
  • Self-esteem counseling makes you proud of yourself. You start to love your body and your mind even more. This makes you powerful and you feel amazing in this world.
  • During the self-esteem counseling sessions, you learn to know yourself better and you start to enjoy your own thoughts. This way you become a better and positive person.

Self-esteem counseling sessions become productive for the ones having low self-esteem issues. These sessions make the people with low self-esteem believe in themselves.

Why choose us-

KleverKlues is an initiative taken by the professional experts to help the people having insecurities about their personality.

Here are the reasons why you should choose us over others-

  • We are amongst the leading industries who work to develop the personalities of an individual so that they can face the world in an outstanding manner
  • We have hired the best professional experts from all over the world who conduct and manage the best self-esteem counseling sessions
  • Our self-esteem counseling sessions are conducted in both ways i.e. individually and in groups. We make sure that each student gets proper attention in our sessions.
  • We aim to make each individual confident enough to follow their passion and dreams
  • We conduct MBTI assessment test in our centers so that the students can access their own performance at regular intervals
  • Our courses are affordable so that everyone can join them and become a better version of them
  • We value your feedback and work on them to conduct better sessions for you

Choose us over others as we provide the best self-esteem counseling sessions at the most affordable rates.

Counseling/Therapy for Children

Child counseling or therapy is a session conducted by an expert or group of experts to make children express themselves. For little ones, this session is held in the form of activities like painting, acting, singing etc. while for older children this session means talking their inner feelings out in front of a psychologist. The counseling sessions are conducted both individually as well as in groups. Children become more self-confident after the sessions are over.

The duration of the sessions depends on the child and on the psychologist. He may want to conduct the sessions once or twice a week for a few months depending on the performance of the little one. Sometimes children get lost in their inner world and this makes them anxious, shy, nervous or sometimes angry from the outside.

This unusual behavior of them affects their academic as well as social performance. Counseling and therapy sessions for children are held to make children perform better in the outside world. The activities help them to open up much more to the outside world.

Why counseling/therapy for children is required for today’s world

Counseling for children is an effective way to make the little ones more expressive and confident. It becomes the responsibility of the parents to find the right therapist as soon as they notice any unusual behavior of their child.

Have a look at the facts why children require counseling in today’s world-

  • There are increasing cases of divorce or breaking up of the parents nowadays which affect the little ones greatly. Living away from the second parent makes them full of grief. This grief sometimes comes out as aggressiveness while other times they start to live in their inner shell and start avoiding the outside world.
  • Death of a near and dear one can devastate a child’s mind sometimes in an unexpected manner. It has been seen that children who lose their parents at an early age become the victim of depression or anxiety. They are unable to cope up with the grief of losing a near and dear one and it affects them significantly.
  • Bullying, mental and physical abuse affect the kids in a significant manner. Sometimes they become anxious while other times they take major steps like suicide. This may also make them a victim of the obsessive compulsive disorder. Such cases have now witnessed frequently amongst the little ones.
  • Peer pressure also makes the children underperform or take some steps for harming themselves. When the surrounding kids perform better than them or when the parents expect more from them and pressurize them to perform, the kids become reluctant. Some kids start to bully other kids to take out their anger while others become the victim of bullying.
  • At teenage, kids start taking drugs or alcohol. This tendency has been seen in the teenagers of India. They take their heartbreaks seriously and start taking drugs and alcohols to avoid the issues.
  • In India, most teenagers have been found lacking in self-esteem and suffering from depression or anxiety. The cases are increasing and it has become difficult to avoid such cases.

The above facts clearly depict that there is a need for child counseling/therapy so that they can become more expressive and free in their endeavor.

Benefits or advantages of counseling/therapy for children

There are a plethora of benefits of counseling/therapy for children. It makes them more confident and away from the unusual behavior.

Have a look at the benefits of counseling/therapy for children-

  • Therapists praise children for being the way they are. They make them believe that there is nothing wrong with them. There is just a need to improve their skills so that they can become the even better version of themselves and make their parents and the world proud of them. Therapists make the children believe in themselves so that they can become more confident.
  • Many activities are conducted during the sessions to make the little ones express them clearly. The little children express themselves via painting, singing or other activities while the older ones express themselves by talking to the therapists about their inner feelings. This way they become more self-confident.
  • Therapies involve practicing of new skills so that the minds of the children get spent on all the good things. These sessions make them more patient and keen to learn. They learn to listen and follow directions and this way their minds start working in a similar way always.
  • Therapists ask the teenagers and the older kids how the problems at their home or school affect them. By talking over the issues, children feel more relaxed. This way, they become more free and independent of the negative feelings inculcating in their minds.
  • Therapies are conducted in both ways i.e. individually and in groups so that the kids become both self-confident and confident to speak in front of others. These therapies make your kid positive in attitude.

Above mentioned are some of the benefits of counseling for the children. The therapy sessions can improve your kid’s mental as well as physical health.

Why choose us-

KleverKlues has taken an initiative to help the little minds. We set them free and make them more confident.

Here are the reasons why you should choose us over others-

  • We are amongst the leading companies helping the people of society grow and develop
  • Our child counseling sessions are conducted and managed by the expert child psychologists from all over the world
  • We conduct sessions according to the needs of your children
  • We make sure that the kids learn and get engaged in the sessions completely and are able to divert their minds from all the stressful or bad things
  • We conduct activities for the little ones while we conduct talk sessions for the teenagers and older children
  • We value your feedback and organize meetings of parents and the counselors so that they can talk about the performance of the kids
  • We provide the best classes at affordable fees

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Stress Management

Stress management counseling is taking professional assistance and guidance for the personal and psychological problems. Sometimes, when you are unable to help yourself, you seek professional help. Stress management counseling is a way to combat the combat the stress-related issues of the clients by the professionals.

A stress management counselor listens to your problems, understands them and convinces you to think in a positive and productive manner. When you talk to someone who doesn’t judge you for your inner thoughts and feelings, you feel better and relaxed. He clarifies your doubts and makes you capable of solving your own problems.

There are basically three stages of stress management counseling which involve exploring your problems, understanding them, and acting on them. The need for stress management counseling arises from day to day issues faced by people. It may include problems faced by you at your workplace, home, personal, and other problems. Stress management counseling makes you self-dependent so that you can cope up with your issues by yourself.

Why stress management counseling is required for today’s world

Stress can affect your life in a large number of ways. It can affect your health, well-being, mood, and overall productiveness. Today everyone faces a lot of stress in day to day lives.

Have a look at the facts which depict stress is faced by most people in today’s world-

  • It has been seen that 46% of Indian employees face stress in their day to day lives. This stress depends on your personal and professional habits at your workplace. Most people join jobs just to earn money and nothing else. This way of working helps them only till a period of time but after that, they become less productive and face a lot of stress on their professional front. If your workplace is not convenient for you to reach or work, you end up being stressed at the end of the day.
  • According to a recently conducted survey, 87% of Indian women feel more stressed throughout the day and out of them, 82% of women get no time in a day to relax. Indian women have to work double than men in their day to day life. They handle their job as well as their house effectively and end up being stressed as they don’t get enough time to sleep properly.
  • Students fear the board examinations and it has been seen that most students get affected physically and mentally during their 10th and 12th board examinations. The fear of not being able to clear the competitive examinations and school boards become a major reason for stress in the lives of the students.
  • Elderly people face stressful situations in their lives when they live away from their families. This stress affects their overall health and leads them to suffer major health problems. People get affected physically, psychologically and mentally when they face stressful situations in their lives.
  • Post-trauma stress is also faced by most people in India. People start to live in a bubble from where they are unable to get out unless they get someone to share their inner feelings with.

The above-mentioned facts clearly depict that there is an urgent need for stress management counseling in today’s world. Stress management can help a person living a life of independence and freedom.

Benefits or advantages of stress management counseling-

  • Stress management counseling helps you in becoming more aware of your strengths, needs, and weaknesses. A counselor listens to you, understands your inner feelings, and helps you in coping up with the stressful situations by yourself.
  • A stress management counselor tells you the importance of physical and mental exercises in reducing stress. He advises you to perform certain types of exercises like yoga, meditation, running etc so that you can cope up with the stress you face in your life.
  • Stress management counseling helps you in becoming self-aware. It prepares you well for the further stressful situations coming your way. You become capable of handling your issues by yourself. Stress management counseling lets you avoid self-criticism.
  • Emotions are the crucial part of our lives and if they run in an uncontrollable manner they can make us sad at any point in time. A professional stress management counselor listens to your problems and values your emotions. He heals you with his conversation with you. He makes you self-capable to solve all your issues and stressful situations.
  • Stress management counseling provides people with reassurance. People become more confident and self-aware. They start to handle their own troubles and do not bow down in front of the hardships in their lives.
  • Stress management counseling helps you to clear your mind from the abundance of negative thoughts. It relieves your mind and helps you in leading a peaceful and positive life ahead.
  • Self-management counseling also helps in the reorientation of the counselee’s mind. Reorientation is a way to change the psychic self by changing their goals and attitude towards life.

Here are the reasons why you should choose us over others-

  • We are amongst the top companies who work day and night for the self-growth and development of an individual
  • Our mission is to make each and every individual of the country independent and capable of achieving his/her own goals.
  • Our stress management counseling sessions are designed to combat the issues of the people of all age groups. We conduct individual as well as group sessions so that people feel free and independent
  • We have hired the professional experts from all over the world for conducting and managing our stress management sessions
  • We conduct MBTI assessment so that our clients can judge their own performance
  • We make sure that our clients get satisfied with our services all the time. We value your feedback all the time.

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Why choose us-

KleverKlues is a company which provides the best stress management counseling to the people so that they can lead a happy and prosperous life ahead.

LGBT Counseling

LGBT counseling is a therapy for the people of LGBT, bisexual or gay communities who face issues like depression, anxiety, grief and so on. Professional counselors help people of such community and make them feel self-confident about their sexuality and decision of leading life. People of LGBT community face many issues regarding their LGBT identity and sexual orientation.

It is important for such people to speak up their mind. In the fear of getting judged most people hide their original identity. LGBT counselors are the professional experts who don’t judge you on your sexual or gender orientations and help you in fighting back the fears and anxieties.

LGBT counseling is done to make the people of this community more self-confident so that they don’t feel any need to stay in their own shell. These sessions help them believe that they are as normal as other human beings and they have full potential to follow their dreams and passion. LGBT counseling changes the perspective of the people of this society so that they can lead a positive and peaceful life.

Why LGBT counseling is required for today’s world

People of the LGBT community are more prone to psychological disorders. In a country like India, this divergence from usual sexual orientation is hardly accepted by anyone. People still are stuck in the stigma of ancient rules and regulations where a girl has to love a boy and vice versa. Since there is a need for acceptance by the LGBT community, there is also a need for LGBT counseling.

Have a look at some of the facts which clearly depicts that people of LGBT community still face issues in today’s world of modern living and culture-

  • Today homosexuality is acceptable by most people of India but within family and school boundaries people of this community still face criticism and acceptance is a far cry for them. The constant struggle faced by the people of this community makes them anxious and depressed. Their state of mind becomes unstable and they become alone in the society of millions.
  • In urban India, social media has changed the scenario a bit. People are ready to accept LGBT community but in reality, the case is far worse than it seems on social media. People support such groups on social media but in reality, they still ignore or criticize them for being who they are.
  • In some parts of India, gay men are subjected to secret honor killing in order to save the pride of the family. This makes the people of this community extremely depressed and they start to think that they are mishap for the society. This way of thinking has lead to many suicidal cases of gay men and lesbian women.
  • In India, many lesbian women are found to be raped by their own family members. These women are low in self-esteem because of their sexual orientation and hence they don’t fight back.
  • It has been researched and found that the people of LGBT society are acceptable by the family members only when they agree to behave like heterosexual people. This leads the people of LGBT community to hide their emotions. They become a victim of endless negative thoughts pumping to their minds.

The above-mentioned facts clearly depict that there is a need for LGBT counseling before any further epidemics break. LGBT counseling helps the people of this community gain self-acceptance so that they live a normal life like every other individual in this country.

Benefits or advantages of LGBT counseling

There is an urgent need for LGBT counseling to be accepted as a method to treat the issues faced by people of LGBT community.

Have a look at the benefits of LGBT counseling for the people of this community-

  • LGBT counselors don’t judge these people and treat them as normal as other clients. They listen to your ideas, understand your thought process and then act to provide the best perspective of living a great life ahead. The professionals are far away from the stigma of the society.
  • LGBT counseling provides the people of this community a space to express themselves freely. They get someone to listen to them without making any judgments. They feel secure in sharing their feelings in front of their counselors. The counseling sessions are carried out both individually and in groups so that the people of this community become more self-confident.
  • Since self-acceptance is something which is lacked in the people of this community, LGBT counseling proves to be a great session for the gays, lesbians, and transgender to accept their sexuality in this world. Once these people accept themselves as normal beings, it becomes easier for them to face the rest of the world.
  • LGBT counseling becomes a strong support system for the people of this community. It creates a positive environment for the people of this community and they become more self-reliant and confident. They become ready to face all the criticism that comes their way in an undoubtedly amazing manner.

LGBT counseling has a plethora of benefits and some of them are clearly mentioned above.

Why choose us-

KleverKlues is a company that has been established to help people in getting rid of the stigmas of society and accepts their personalities.

Here are some of the reasons mentioned below which states why should you choose us over others-

  • We are amongst the best companies who provide LGBT counseling in India
  • We have hired the best professional experts from all over the world to control and manage the LGBT counseling sessions
  • Our sessions depend on the feedback of our clients. We value your feedback and improve in our next sessions
  • We conduct client-centered sessions to make them comfortable
  • Our aim is to make India free from the stigma of not accepting LGBT
  • We let our clients measure their performance via MBTI assessment tests

Choose us as we are the best LGBT counseling session’s providers in India.

Group Counseling

Group counseling is a type of therapy in which a group of people having the similar issues meet and share their experiences. The group counseling sessions provide a supportive environment to the students to discuss their problems and listen to others’ problems.

The sessions are held on a weekly or quarterly basis. The sessions are conducted by expert group counselors who manage the whole group of 5-10 students and arrange activities so that the students enjoy the sessions and feel comfortable. The counselor makes sure that each member of the group takes part in the sessions actively. The feedback of each member of the group is given proper value and all the students are allowed to speak up their mind without any fear.

The group counseling sessions are held with a condition that no member of the group will disclose the conversation with anyone outside. What happens in the group should remain in the session only! This ensures all the members of the groups that no one would make fun of them in the outside world. There is no judging in the group counseling sessions.

Why group counseling is required for today’s world

Group counseling focuses on various issues of different people having different ways of living lives. Each individual may face the different or similar issue and all the issues are discussed during the sessions.

Have a look at why group counseling is required for today’s world-

  • It has been seen that a lot of people in India are the victims of anxiety and depression. Out of those people, most women, especially from the rural areas, face anxiety issues. In urban India, women work day and night both at home and in their offices and this stress sometimes make them go into depression.
  • Most people face issues in their existing relationships which make them stressed. The cases of divorce are increasing day by day. Having faced divorce is not an easy condition for any of the partner. It may result in sleepless nights and stressful days. This condition is faced by most people in the world nowadays.
  • Binge eating is becoming another major issue of concern amongst teenagers and young adults. People start to eat more and fast when they are stressed. It has been researched that binge eating is a habit found in most teenagers and young adults around the world. This habit is imposing many health issues amongst them.
  • Stress can lead to traumatic experiences in the lives people. People have started taking major steps in their lives which includes self-hurting and suicides. The cases of suicides are increasing day by day in India. Most women take this step when they are sexually abused and are unable to talk about it to anyone. Teenager suicide has also become another major issue of concern nowadays in the country like India.
  • According to the WHO reports, most people have been found suffering from the issues of anxiety in India. This happens majorly because people hide their inner feelings and suppress themselves in their minds. They don’t speak up their mind and the negative thoughts start developing and make them anxious.

The above facts clearly state that there is a need for group counseling sessions where the students can open up to the world without any fear and become capable to fight all the unusual behavioral disorders. Group counseling plays a major role in providing mental peace to the students.

Benefits or advantages of group counseling

There are a lot of benefits of group counseling which are still ignored by most people in the fear of judgment.

Have a look at the benefits or advantages of group counseling-

  • Group counseling provides support to the members of the session. When people hear the similar issues from others, they feel that they are not alone. Most people feel a sense of relief when they see other people going through the same condition as them.
  • A group of similar people can prove to be beneficial for each other. When you get a wider range of perspective, you start to change your own mind. This way, you become more flexible and accepting of the situations of life.
  • Groups encourage the students. Hearing from other students about how they overcame their fear or how they benefited from the session encourages you in a greater manner. You become more confident and independent.
  • Each person in the group has a different way of living a life and has different issues as well. You get to learn a lot when you get counseled in groups. You learn from the counselor as well as from the other members of the groups.
  • The counselor conducts many activities in groups to make each member of the group comfortable in the group. The talking session and the help of the counselor play a major role in the improvement process.

Group counseling makes you more confident and independent. You get to learn a lot when you get counseled in a group of 5-10 people. The above mentioned are some of the benefits of group counseling which one should not neglect.

Why choose us-

KleverKlues is a company which offers the best counseling sessions to improve the personality of every individual.

Have a look at the reasons why you should choose us over others-

  • We are amongst the best companies in this business niche
  • Our group counseling sessions focus on the improvement of the whole group as well as the single person of the group
  • We have hired professional group counselors from all over the world to conduct and manage the group counseling sessions
  • We take only 5-10 members in our groups so that each individual can get proper attention
  • We value your feedback and conduct the next sessions after taking feedback after every session
  • We conduct the group counseling sessions for all age groups at the best rates
  • We conduct MBTI assessment test so that the students can access their own performance

Join our group counseling sessions and reap the benefits.

Elderly/Old Age Couple Counseling

Therapy for the elderly who have been suffering from some mental or physical trauma can help them kick-start a fresh and new life. The sessions make them find a new source of excitement, enjoyment, and meaning in their lives. The therapy sessions help the old age couples in dealing with the fear of death, death of their spouse, and the fear of getting separated from each other or the families.

The old age comes with a lot of signs which include mental traumas, the inability of doing things by themselves, physical inabilities and so on. Such issues sometimes make the elderly people depressed and anxious fearing the near death. They start to degrade their health even more. Old age counseling helps them to live their life once again in an amazing manner.

The counselor becomes the best friend to the old age couple and helps them relive the precious memories of their lives. This way, they become more positive towards each other and towards the life. They start to build a desire to live for more years with happiness and satisfaction. Old age counseling makes the elderly proud of their spouse and of themselves.

Why elderly/old age couple counseling is required for today’s world

Old age couple counseling has immense importance for all the people in their old age. It gives them a purpose to restart their lives once again.

Here are the reasons why elderly/old age couple counseling is required for today’s world-

  • According to a recent survey conducted in the country, it has been found that 37% of the elderly people above the age of 60 years experience age discrimination and more than 40% of them are afraid of the physical violence that may happen with them.
  • More than 60% of the elderly people wish to work after their retirement but don’t get to work because of the government policies. This makes them idle with no work left for them apart from spending time with their spouse all the time. Since elderly couples have both members in their old age, they are unable to cope up with the stress of each other for a longer time. They become frustrated fast and tend to end up being wrong terms with each other.
  • Many people above the age of 65 years continue to live a healthy life but still, there are some people in this age group who become the victim of physical impairment which may include lack of bodily strength, appetite, verbal memory, hearing, vision and so on. The physical tension causes mental stress for the elderly. They start to become the victim of anxiety and depression.
  • It has been found that 6% of the elderly are affected by anxiety disorders in India while approximately 7% of them suffer from depression in India. Higher suicidal rates of the elderly and the old age couples are also being experienced. This may be because of their personal or family issues.
  • 2-5% of men and around 1% of women in the age group of 65 and above in the United States have found to be the victim of drug or alcohol addiction. This causes them to die at an age before their actual death.

The above facts clearly depict that there is an urgent need for elderly/old age couple counseling for today’s world. The people of this age must join counseling before some epidemic may break down.

Benefits or advantages of elderly/old age couple counseling

There are a lot of benefits of elderly/old age couple counseling for the people of this tender age.

Have a look at some of the benefits of elderly or old age couple counseling-

  • Therapies promote better health of the elderly. When the people above the age of 60 years get counseled they feel better about themselves and their lives. Their mind gets refreshed and hence it affects their physical health as well in a positive manner.
  • The counseling makes the couple fall in love with each other’s flaws once again. They start to relive the precious memories of their lives with each other and become more sensitive towards each other so that they can live a better life with each other ahead.
  • Elderly/old age counseling makes the elderly independent. They start to believe in themselves and their power to still live a good and healthy life. It makes them believe that even if they are apart from their families they can live a wonderful life ahead alone or with their spouse.
  • Counselor becomes the best friend of the elderly couple. They share everything about their relationships and troubles of the old age with the counselor. This way, they feel better about themselves. A positive light emerges in their lives after each counseling session with the expert.
  • Counseling sessions make them believe that in spite of their physical or mental impairment, they are no less than anyone. They still have immense power to live an amazing life.

Above mentioned are some of the benefits of the elderly/old age counseling. Attending the counseling sessions make the elderly self-dependent and more confident.

Why choose us-

KleverKlues is a leading company which has taken the initiative to make each and every member of the society self-dependent.

Here are the reasons why you should choose us-

  • We are the leading name in this business niche
  • We have reached this level with our constant efforts and hard work
  • Our elderly/old age counseling sessions are conducted by the professional experts who have immense knowledge of geriatrics
  • We make sure that the elderly people feel safe and confident with us
  • Our sessions focus to make the elderly people more independent and increase their desire to live a better life ahead
  • We value the feedback of our clients and conduct our sessions according to their needs
  • Our sessions are conducted in friendly environment so that the old couples feel comfortable with us
  • We conduct MBTI assessment test for all age groups

Join our counseling sessions and reap amazing benefits.

Benefits of Taking Help Of Career Counseling

When it comes about to choose the right career, many of us get confused a lot. But it is career counseling that helps a lot to make the right decision.

Why Career Counseling Is High In Demand

It help the student to choose the platform to go ahead and kick off a successful career. It helps them to make the right decision without getting confused. Sometimes we get confused what to choose since we are not aware about our interest and hobbies.

Benefits Of Career Counseling

There are several benefits of career counseling, but many of them will depend on the skill, training, and opinion of the career counselors. If it is an in-school counselor who does the job for a few hours each month, as the head teacher tells him, then the gains could be very short. On the other side, if it is a professionally qualified career counselor who has years of practice and expertise, then there can be the following benefits that you can get:

  1. As in autonomous and skilled advisor, the career counselor should be able to put your situation, character, qualifications, experience and abilities into a broad scene. This should help you to find your own position and path in your career.
  2. A qualified counselors will be an expert in getting the right erudition out of you in a structured way. The mentor will then be able to use that information immediately for your likely best career course.
  3. If you are thinking a career change the skill of the counsellor could be priceless, in view of the complexities, both personal and practical, of the choice you are considering.
  4. The counsellor may be able to offer or suggest several career coaching courses that could be of help to you.

Where to Find Career Counseling

If you are looking for the right platform then you must choose us. The growth in business of career counselling over recent years has made it a lot easier to find good quality counselling services. Nowadays, there are not just your neighbourhood services that are an option for career counselling, but also online career counselling and coaching services, with a treasure of information about jobs and career associated subjects.

If you are still a student at a school, college or university, then you are at right platform as we have a team of the experts. If you do not have time to come at our platform then we also serve you online facility as there is not inevitably a need to meet by face. On the other hand, there is an advantage to having a by face meeting, as the career counsellor is more likely to assess you more precisely during personal sessions.

What You Need To Keep In Mind

While choosing a career counsellor, it is best to relate the experience, services, and cost of different counsellors. You also need to keep in mind that if they are using structured method is used by trained counsellors, and much of that can be done efficiently online and by phone. It is not good to spend any money till you are satisfied with every phase of what the counselling service terms.

Being a recognised brand, we keep all these things in our mind while serving you to make you satisfied.

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