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Who We Are


Klever Klues is a branch of Eugenics Education Services Pvt. Ltd and is targeted at providing complete brain mapping solutions. We are India’s first company, which provides Brain mapping solutions.

Brain Mapping is creating a mind map and inculcating smart and creative thinking. There is no success without one moving in the right direction. We have come up with the best brain mapping services, which can give your mind a right direction towards achieving the goals.

Our brain mapping services include:

“Brain mapping can actually aid business growth and personal transformation as it is an effective project management, evaluation, and brainstorming tool”

We at Klever Klues focus to offer the scientifically approved and the best brain mapping techniques in order to benefit our customers. Our brain mapping services help you in many ways. It helps you in developing a wonderful personality and achieves all the goals of your life.

Once your brain maps what it needs to do, it can easily traverse the path and achieve the desired goals in stipulated time. Our brain mapping services trigger your brain and make you highly efficient in facing all the challenges of life.

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We expertise in the following areas:

We focus on speedy development so that your brain can stimulate the response in the fraction of the time. This idea of brain mapping is worth investing in.

We have highly qualified and experienced professionals who provide expertise in every field. We provide a completely unique set of brain mapping services based on the scientific analysis. Our center provides a peaceful and the right environment to learn. We focus on our customer satisfaction and value the feedback of our customers.

Quality of services

Peaceful place to work

Expert team

Aim towards customer satisfaction


Sustainable leadership


We conduct sessions with our customers and make sure that they learn through experiences. We develop a connection with our customers. We treat them as our family and ensure that the trust built with us never gets broken.

We are ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 29990, ISO 10015, ISO 27001, OHSAS 18001 certified and you can easily trust our capabilities.

We provide affordable and unique brain mapping services. Choose us and make a difference in your life.

Vision & Mission

Vision: KleverKlues works with a vision to revolutionise the world of education. The company looks forward to introduce innovative techniques and services, which can help students and professionals in attaining the best. It also focuses in helping students choose certain career, which can be best, suited to them and their needs.

Our vision also includes to tackle the problems of today’s’ professionals and students who go through stressful situations by introducing unique approaches. We look forward to bring in newer learning processes which can help everyone in leading a quality life in a stress-free environment.

Our endeavour is to ensure that our clients learn about their true selves while strengthening their inherent capabilities. We aim to make them a fast learner,  we want them to overcome their shortcomings and look at learning as a fun exercise. Further, we work with a vision to take Eugenics services to each and every corner of the world to ensure a holistic growth.

Mission: KleverKlues  work with a mission to churn out a community of  thinkers, creators, innovators and architects for society who can shape the future era. A through classic study reveals that children growing in enriched environments are better developed hence confirming the principle of neural plasticity. This discovery proves that our brains can be better developed if we have enriching experiences!

Hence we work with a mission to provide such experiences to them.

Our mission also includes to provide the best products for students, professionals and corporate to support and help them to recognize their strengths.

We believe in extending them the right support at every stage so that they are strong enough to bypass their limitations and select the best education in the stream of their choice.

KleverKlues works in a direction where the clients can benefit from the brainpower program, which will definitely be bringing incredible changes in their life.

We aim at working to ensure that their stress levels witness steep decline and they successfully beat the habit of forgetfulness.

Eugenics Services Policy

Eugenics Education Services Pvt. Ltd. believes in spreading quality knowledge for everyone. Our focus is “ we are for education and education for all”. We strongly recommend our policy, who are associated with us like, student, corporate, industry, individual etc. Our main objectives are

  • Provide the widest range of right education, guidance to make their career and life more success
  • Our “International touch with local approach” method to enable opportunity for everyone
  • Give a maximum value of every employee, associate partner, and client
  • Strong command of information security management system
  • Provide actual information to client, employee, franchise center and support partners
  • Generate accurate report
  • Counseling and training by experts
  • Support for every franchise throughout their contract
  • Maximize success clientele, profit margin
  • Capture global market
  • Become a complete knowledge hub
  • Build Transparency, Trust, Teamwork
  • Strongly encourages employees to pursue additional formal education in an effort to enhance knowledge and skills, thus improving potential for future opportunities

We, Eugenics Education Services Pvt. Ltd. confirming to apply all above objective to become a brand and known for quality services only.


KleverKlues strong research and development team has helped us emerge as innovators in human brain development. We continue in our endeavours to pursue our research programs into human brain development with innovative learning techniques, which help us to stand tall in education sectors. Working with innovative working techniques synergized with our ground breaking research-based program help us cherish our goals to deliver the best in terms of brain mapping.

We have set a strong foundation based on research and development in the field of scientifically proven services, which yield effective outcomes. With a well-equipped team led by dedicated consultants senior in rank and profile, we are delivering the best for students, corporate and professionals.

Our well-educated team members are exclusively assigned the task to work on Brain Profile and other such techniques, which help in enhancing the efficiency of services. We have a advanced techniques ready with us to meet the need of students, professionals and parents, we undertake an analytical approach.

Our strong team offers a well-tailored training program with managerial support to different companies and individuals, which helps them to enhance their performance in each aspect of life.

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